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BGPOA EAC meeting

October 16, 2019 @ 10:00 am 10:00 am

1. Call Meeting to Order 2. Approve Agenda 3. Approve Meeting Minutes from September 18, 2019 4. New Building Permits a) 31-0464, 464 Camino Real, Grants- Residing on lot while building b) 21-1775, 1775 Summit View Way, Chalet I- Gate rebuild c) 21-1573C, 1573 N King Hill OL, Chalet I- Outbuilding d) 31-1201C, 1202 Wagon Wheel Rd., Grants- Fence e) 21-0110, 110 Pinewood OL, Chalet I- Greenhouse f) 22-3719C, 3741 Jubilant Way, Chalet II- Greenhouse g) 22-2760, 2760 N Carefree Way, Chalet II- Greenhouse h) 22-2826C, 2826 Carefree Way, Chalet II- Outbuilding (shop) i) 23-4508, 4508 Ridgecrest Way, Chalet III- Residence j) 21-2117, 2117 Sandstone Way, Chalet I- Residence k) 31-1558, 1558 Camino Real, Grants- Residence 5. Plan Revision a) 31-1175, 1175 Golden Eagle, Grants- Outbuilding (converting to a shop) b) 11-0068, 68 Camino de Plata, MHE- Residence (color change) c) 21-1246C, 1247 Brookview Way, Chalet I- Outbuilding (material change) d) 22-3762, 3762 Carefree Way, Chalet II- Addition (will be a detached garage/studio) 6. Extension Requests a) 21-0557, 557 Panorama Way, Chalet I- 1st extension (wall/fence, replacing deck, landscaping) b) 31-0685C, 712 Broncbuster Tr., Grants- 3rd ECS extension (studio) c) 21-1248, 1248 Brookview Way, Chalet I- 1st extension (residence) d) 22-2791, 2791 Brook OL, Chalet II- 5th extension (residence) e) 21-1116, 1116 Chaparral Way, Chalet I- 1st extension (outbuilding) 7. Adjournment


October 16
10:00 am
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POA meeting room

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Daily Events:

• Morning Aarati, Haidakhandi Universal Ashram, 7-8am, 256-4108,

• Jyorei, Shumei Sanctuary, please be seated by 7:50am and 5:50pm, 256-5248

• Tours, gallery & Jyorei, Shumei, 9am-5pm, 256-5284

• Open meditation & prayers 9-10am in Vajra Vidya Retreat Center Shrine Room. All are welcome. 256-5539.

• Tours, Temple & Gift Shop – Haidakhandi Universal Ashram, 256-4108,,

• Evening Aarati, Haidakhandi Universal Ashram, 6-7pm. Chanting in Sanskirt and Hindi. All are welcome. 256-4108,,

Weekly Events:


• Sunday masses at Nada Hermitage 9-10am, 256-4778

• Sunday Service Crestone Baptist Church, 10am-noon

• AA meeting (open, discussion), Crestone Town Hall, Alder St. north of Galena Ave, 7pm

• Drop in Meditation at Choying Dzong (Sitting and Walking), 2281 Happy Day OL, 10am – 1pm


• Al-Anon meeting, Little Shepherd Church, Alder St. north of Galena Ave., 1pm


• Continuing Ashtanga Yoga, Mysore Style Shakti Sharanam, 5-6:45pm by donation,, 256-5668

• NA meeting (open), Little Shepherd Church, Alder St. north of Galena Ave., 7:30pm


• Yoga Fundamentals & Refinments, Shakti Sharanam, 8:30- 10am by donation,, 256-5668


• AA meeting (open, Book Study) Crestone Baptist Church, Rd. T west of the kiosk, noon

• Continuing Ashtanga Yoga, Mysore Style Shakti Sharanam, 5pm-6:45pm, by donation,, 256-5668



• NA meeting (open, Step Study), Little Shepherd Church, Alder St. north of Galena Ave., 9am

• Feel Free Ministries free meal, noon-4pm, Little Shepherd Community Center