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CEOLP monthly meeting

March 11, 2020 @ 7:00 pm 7:00 pm

Many inquiries come in to Informed Final Choices (IFC) and the Crestone End of Life Project (CEOLP), and the CEOLP/IFC boards would like to give everyone the benefit of our replies. So here is some information you may find useful about the services of these sister organizations.
Does CEOLP support choices such as natural burial or conventional cremation?
Yes. The CEOLP volunteers are available to assist the deceased’s family or legal representative with implementing a family-directed home funeral and/or natural burial ceremony. CEOLP volunteers offer the same services for those wishing to have the deceased in repose at home, to be later transported by a mortuary service or the family to a location for either conventional burial or cremation.
How do I register with CEOLP?  If I have registered with CEOLP, how do I make edits or additions to my paperwork?
Denise Peine is the current CEOLP registrar. You can request forms by calling Denise at 719-256-4644 or by visiting our website,, where the forms are available for download. These are in PDF format so they can be completed online and then downloaded and printed.
If you want to make changes to your previously completed registration forms, contact Denise or send the changes to her attention at: CEOLP Registrar, PO Box 1238, Crestone CO, 81131.
How do I learn more about completing Advance Directives, Patient’s Rights, writing Legacy Letters or setting up a care circle? 
Informed Final Choices is currently sponsoring an 8-week course called LeaveLight, which meets every Saturday through February from 10:30am to 12:30pm at the Baptist Church Fellowship Hall. The LeaveLight guide/workbook provides a holistic view of how to complete end-of-life documents such as living wills and preparatory tasks including making decisions about the type of disposition or memorial ceremony you might want. To learn more about participating in the course or purchasing a workbook, contact Marcella Friel,
Where can I find out more about end-of -life issues in general and more specifically about Informed Final Choices and Crestone End of Life Project?
Visit our comprehensive website: We also invite everyone to our open meeting the second Wednesday of each month at 7pm at the Church of the Little Shepherd Fellowship Hall. Address any questions to or  IFC/CEOLP also maintains an extensive library available to the community at large: books, CDs, and DVDs on end-of-life issues. For directions, email IFC or CEOLP at the addresses above.


March 11
7:00 pm

Agape Room

Nada Carmelite Hermitage + Google Map

Daily Events:

• Morning Aarati, Haidakhandi Universal Ashram, 7-8am, 256-4108,

The Ashram will not be open for overnight guests, kitchen use or meals until further notice. We will miss having all of you here. We are going to try to record some of the ceremonies so you can view them from home on YouTube. Also if you would like to pick an auspicious day or days to sponsor a fire ceremony or puja, this would also keep you connected. There are more details in our latest newsletter at You can email us at or call 719-256-4108. Thank you.

• Open meditation & prayers 8:45-10:30am in Vajra Vidya Retreat Center Shrine Room. All are welcome. 256-5539.


Weekly Events:


• Drop in Meditation at Choying Dzong (Sitting and Walking), 2281 Happy Day OL, 10am – 1pm

• Sutra Reading: Life story of the Buddha, Yeshe Khorlo, 2-3pm

• Dorje Trolo Practice, White Jewel Mountain Healing Center, 2pm

• AA, 7pm. Currently only video conference meetings.  Call Cheryl 303-667-9459 or John 719-429-8450 for info.


• Al-Anon, 1pm. Currently only video conference meetings.  Call 970-218-6099 or 719-298-9133 for info.


• Continuing Ashtanga Yoga, Mysore Style Shakti Sharanam, 5-6:45pm by donation,, 256-5668

• NA, Currently only video conference meetings.  Call 970-309-0710 for info.


• Yoga Fundamentals & Refinments, Shakti Sharanam, 8:30- 10am by donation,, 256-5668

• Food Bank, next to Crestone Mercantile, 10am-noon


• AA, noon. Currently only video conference meetings.  Call Cheryl 303-667-9459 or John 719-429-8450 for info.

• Continuing Ashtanga Yoga, Mysore Style Shakti Sharanam, 5pm-6:45pm, by donation,, 256-5668


• NA, 9am. Currently only video conference meetings.  Call 970-309-0710 for info.

• Feel Free Ministries free meal, noon-4pm, Little Shepherd Community Center