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Town Living Wisdom hearing

February 10, 2020 @ 1:00 pm 1:00 pm

Affordable housing for seniors in Crestone, also known as Living Wisdom Village (LWV), took several important steps forward in January. On January 6 the Town of Crestone Planning Commission unanimously approved the preliminary plan for a Planned Unit Development (PUD) application. The PUD is an approval the project must have before the LWV land, now under contract, can be purchased. The PUD is actually an application process created by the Town which allows it to incorporate developments outside the scope of residential homes. The process has two parts. Phase One is a preliminary approval whereby the scope and nature of the concept are approved. In effect, the Town says “Yes, we agree this project would be good for Crestone.”
Phase Two includes the final design plan and comes after architects and engineers have been engaged to provide specifics. Its focus is the physical reality of the developed property, things like storm water drainage, septic and electric lines, parking areas, dwelling types and dimensions, etc. Phase Two assures the Town that the project’s footprint and construction specifics have been properly addressed. The PUD application was submitted by Crestone Peak Community Housing, the local non-profit that proposes to build and operate Living Wisdom Village.
After the Planning Commission recommended approval, the application was forwarded to the Town Trustees who are responsible for giving it final approval. At their January 13 meeting the Trustees received the application, and after a brief discussion set it for a public hearing at their next meeting, February 10. The PUD regulations stipulate that a public hearing be part of the application process. CPCH board director Kirsten Schreiber urges all interested parties to attend the February 10 hearing which is scheduled for 1pm at the Town assembly room.
Donations to purchase the land came in steadily over the holidays, and the total is rising; the board thanks everyone who contributed. As of this writing, $19,000 has been made or pledged, an amount that includes a donor match that multiplies all donations up to $10,000 by three. CPCH hopes someone will push that limit and is happily accepting donations of any amount. There is still plenty of time for you to help raise the monetary temperature on the fund-raising billboard! You can see it on the fence in front of the Crestone Firehouse!


February 10
1:00 pm

Daily Events:

• Morning Aarati, Haidakhandi Universal Ashram, 7-8am, 256-4108,

The Ashram will not be open for overnight guests, kitchen use or meals until further notice. We will miss having all of you here. We are going to try to record some of the ceremonies so you can view them from home on YouTube. Also if you would like to pick an auspicious day or days to sponsor a fire ceremony or puja, this would also keep you connected. There are more details in our latest newsletter at You can email us at or call 719-256-4108. Thank you.

• Open meditation & prayers 8:45-10:30am in Vajra Vidya Retreat Center Shrine Room. All are welcome. 256-5539.


Weekly Events:


• Drop in Meditation at Choying Dzong (Sitting and Walking), 2281 Happy Day OL, 10am – 1pm

• Sutra Reading: Life story of the Buddha, Yeshe Khorlo, 2-3pm

• Dorje Trolo Practice, White Jewel Mountain Healing Center, 2pm

• AA, 7pm. Currently only video conference meetings.  Call Cheryl 303-667-9459 or John 719-429-8450 for info.


• Al-Anon, 1pm. Currently only video conference meetings.  Call 970-218-6099 or 719-298-9133 for info.


• Continuing Ashtanga Yoga, Mysore Style Shakti Sharanam, 5-6:45pm by donation,, 256-5668

• NA, Currently only video conference meetings.  Call 970-309-0710 for info.


• Yoga Fundamentals & Refinments, Shakti Sharanam, 8:30- 10am by donation,, 256-5668

• Food Bank, next to Crestone Mercantile, 10am-noon


• AA, noon. Currently only video conference meetings.  Call Cheryl 303-667-9459 or John 719-429-8450 for info.

• Continuing Ashtanga Yoga, Mysore Style Shakti Sharanam, 5pm-6:45pm, by donation,, 256-5668


• NA, 9am. Currently only video conference meetings.  Call 970-309-0710 for info.

• Feel Free Ministries free meal, noon-4pm, Little Shepherd Community Center