Ski Ski has a home

Dear Editor:

After my mother, Pavita Decorah, died last August, so many wonderful people came together to help care for her dear horse, Ski Ski.  The love and care came from many people and in many forms including money and time for stabling, feeding, grooming, as well as significant outreach and brainstorming to determine the best future for Ski Ski.  In addition, all manner of wishes, prayers, and intentions were contributed by many.  In the end, Ski Ski was legally transferred from Pavita’s estate to the wonderful Janet Martinez who has committed to care for him and see to his future.

This loving transition would not have been possible without the time, energy, and caring of many.  I know my mother would have been honored by it all.

Thank you.

Zack Miller

W&S discussion

Dear Editor,

There has been an uptick in interest in the workings of Baca Water [and Sanitation District] with the recent rate increases. For those who might want to dig a little deeper, hear directly from a board member or just might want to talk water generally, I will be leading a meeting for lunch at the Desert Sage after the month’s Baca Water board meeting to discuss what is on folks’ mind, waterwise. The next board meeting is on Friday, February 19 at 9am. When we finish the board meeting varies, but it is usually by sometime in the lunch hour. If interested, call the Baca Water office (256-4310) after 11am that Friday to get a more precise time estimate. Or call me at home (256-5728) for further information.


Michael Scully, BGW&S Board Member

CCC asks, please pay your bills

Dear Crestone Community,

Recently I assisted in preparing a grant application seeking general operating funds for the Crestone Creative Council (CCC).  I want to share some of what I learned about the program and make an appeal for your support.

The CCC is a youth services program providing a safe place for teens and young adults to gather, create, contemplate, grow and just be.  Young adulthood is a fraught time—and young people are at especially high risk of falling into dangerous and self-harming behaviors.  Poverty, isolation, fractured families, and lack of age-appropriate activities in our community multiply that risk.  The high incidence of adult drug use in the area is another risk factor—one the youth talk about openly.

What do young adults need?  A safe space to be and explore, and trusted adults who support them unconditionally, without judgement, as they explore who they are in the world and who introduce them to opportunities, ideas and useful structures.  CCC programs and staff do just that.  Not every Crestone/Baca/Moffat kid wants or needs these services, but for many CCC is a life-saver.

CCC receives basic funding and essential infrastructure support from the Town.  But what the Town can contribute is not enough.  CCC relies on grants, private donations and in-kind donations of time and materials to survive.  It also relies on monies earned by the youth themselves through the Youth Workforce Program and fundraising events like car washes and Halloween scary houses.

In 2015 over one-third of the total budget was earned by the kids themselves.  That’s phenomenal!

Unfortunately there are currently $2500 in unpaid invoices. This represents work that youth performed for which they were not compensated.  Ouch. CCC will be sending out invoices for these unpaid bills, again.  If you receive a bill that you think you already paid, please contact Town Hall at 256-4313.  If you have not yet paid—please drop off a check to Town Hall, mail to PO Box 64, or pay with a credit card at

Please read the article in this issue of the Eagle to learn about CCC programs and staff. Come to one of CCC’s weekly gatherings [see listings in the Crestone Eagle Calendar or online at] to see for yourself the magic that happens when young people gather.


Tamar Ellentuck

For Maurice

Hi Kizzen,

First, I want to thank you for having published the two beautifully written pieces about Maurice Strong in The Crestone Eagle’s January 2016 issue.

I believe that there has always been a mystery surrounding him, even with those of us who have been here for so long, and now, for those who are curious or interested, learning about Maurice can be discovered in The Eagle.

The Celebration of Maurice’s Life held at Hanne’s on Saturday was simply wonderful.  While I was remiss in not reading the prayer that I sent to Hanne upon learning  of Maurice’s passing at the celebration, both Hanne and I are hoping you will give it consideration for printing.

To the loved ones of Maurice Strong

Dear Lord, I ask you to please wrap your arms around the family, friends and loved ones of Maurice Strong, and hold each of them close to your heart during this tender time.

I am thinking particularly of his wife, Hanne and his children.

I ask you to please shine your bright light on them, taking away the shadows and darkness.

I ask you, Dear Lord, to please guide them to where they need to be doing what they need to be doing on this day for the highest good of all.

Dear Lord, I ask you to please share your wisdom with each one of them and give them courage to follow the wisdom allowing them embrace their challenges, opportunities and blessings of today and all of the tomorrows with a calm, generous and forgiving heart, with pure motivation and clarity of thought, with integrity, dignity, respect and fairness to all.

Lastly, Dear Lord, I thank you for your part in bringing family and friends together to be close and embrace each other during this time for need and understanding.

I thank you for your partnership with Maurice’s loved ones.

Wrapping each one of you in prayer and holding you close to my heart as we remember the generosity, wisdom and friendship of Maurice Strong. His life mattered to many the world over. With deep gratitude for having had Maurice Strong touch my life,


Whitney Strong

Thank you from Lulan

Dear Friends,

Dying is not easy and I’ve appreciated so much the help so many people have given me . . . your visits, running errands, transportation and picking up medications.

You’ve been like a wave of love and comfort to me.  It felt so good, cheered me up immensely, and made this part of my life easier.

Thank you so much,

Love,  Lulan Sanford