June 2, 2015—Due to high water run off and warm weather there is a potential for flooding on North Crestone Creek. According to Crestone Town Administrator Akia Tanara, Pat McDermott and Jim Swanson of the Colorado Division of Water Resources are very concerned that Crestone may see a flood event in the next couple of days. At 2:15 am this morning, Tuesday, June 2, water rose to 143 cubic feet per second (cfs) and they are predicting 250 cfs by early tomorrow morning, Wednesday, June 3. It may rise even more significantly by Friday as the warm temperatures are continuing and the snow pack is melting rapidly.
Jim Swanson has authorized the Town to create a diversion in the creek at the old spillway near the N. Crestone campground by placing huge boulders or felled trees, or a combination of both. This will send quite a bit of the water down the diversion ditch, reducing the threat to the town.
Members of the forest service, Div. of Water Resources and town staff met this afternoon to develop and immediately implement a plan of action.
The town will be having a meeting tomorrow morning to declare a “state of emergency” in order to be prepared to act further if there is flooding in town. The town and DWR will continue monitoring the water levels and will take further action as needed.
People along N. Crestone Creek are advised to be aware of potential flooding and take measures to protect themselves and property.
The Crestone Eagle will continue to update this story.