Food Bank can help residents in need

The Crestone Eagle • April, 2020

If you’ve lost your job or are otherwise suffering severe economic impact from the coronavirus pandemic, the Crestone Food Bank can offer some assistance.

Thanks to the generosity of multiple community members, and the ongoing support of the Saguache County Commissioners, the food bank is hoping to meet increasing needs for the foreseeable future.   

Anyone who is a Crestone or northeastern Saguache County resident and is having difficulty putting adequate food on the table is eligible to visit.   The food bank, located at 182 E. Galena adjacent to the Merc, is open every Wednesday from 10am to noon, and on the last Saturday of the month from 10am to noon.

To comply with “social distancing” recommendations, and out of concern for the health and safety of our volunteers and the public, the food bank is permitting only two persons at a time inside our space during the times that we are open.  Outdoor seating is provided on the deck for those who are waiting their turn.

For those who prefer not to come in, food bank volunteers will deliver boxes to persons waiting outside or in their cars, and volunteers also are available to provide home delivery.  We ask anyone who is not feeling well not to come to the food bank, and hand sanitizer is required for those who do come in.

As you are aware, the situation is changing rapidly.  Quite possibly, by the time you are reading this, entry to the food bank will be prohibited and food boxes will be distributed at the door.  Most important, however, is to ensure that no one in our community go hungry.

For home delivery, or other special services, please call 719-539-7740 or email

These are challenging times, and we are extremely gratified by the community support we have received and are continuing to receive.  Our outdoor bake sale/food drive on March 17 was huge success.  Thanks to all the volunteers and supporters who baked, and to the people who came to buy or donate.

Special thanks to Thomas Fry, Anne Silver, Natasha Torres, Rick Hart and so many others, including a former resident who asked to remain anonymous.  We are most grateful to live in such a caring community.