The Crestone Eagle • May, 2021

Freebox update

by Mary Lowers

As we move into summer we hope we will be able to be out more together as a community.

The Crestone Energy Exchange (CEE) has met with Lonny Roth who has graciously hosted the Freebox on his property for over a decade.Lonny has agreed to allow the Freebox to be managed by the CEE and greater community in its current location. We are hoping to be able to reopen the Freebox around July 4. We are looking for volunteers to help with some remodeling.

To get the pulse of community opinion about the Freebox, CEE has created a survey. The results as of April 21 show the following results so far, with one hundred and forty-four people having taken the time to respond to the survey.

96% of the community have used the Freebox

96% would donate to the Freebox

57% would “shop” for items for the Freebox

26% might “shop” the Freebox

17% would not “shop” the Freebox

40% would like to be Freebox volunteers

38% might volunteer

22% would not volunteer

37% of businesses are interested in making a financial contribution to Freebox

46% might contribute

17% would not contribute

Get your opinion heard regarding the future of our Freebox! Surveys can be filled out until May 10 at the Post Office, Mercantile, Elephant Cloud or you can fill out a survey online at Check out The Crestone Eagle and the Crestone Energy Exchange FaceBook Page for more freebox news.