Published on: Dec 1, 2017

Eyesore no more! Unfinished Golden Ave. building in Crestone has been SOLD!

The large unfinished “Adli Building” on 253 Golden Ave. in Crestone has finally been sold. The new buyer is Heather Wyss. Hailing from Ohio, Wyss is a licensed medical massage therapist and her fiancé, Rocky, is an exterior contractor. They have decided to make Crestone their home and to complete construction on the building.

Their intentions for the building are to operate a Wellness Center in a “professional building” setting while providing rental/lease space for complimentary wellness service providers.           

They will also be housing a MAS (moving arts studio) provided by Lars Skogen of Crestone.

Says Heather Wyss “We are truly looking forward to embracing this project and bringing a distinct appeal to the community and the many visitors that frequent this lovely and most unique part of the world.”

The Adli Building has sat unfinished for several years after Pari Adli died while the building was under construction. It had become a fire hazard and the Crestone town government had been pressuring the owners who had inherited the building to remedy the situation. They are relieved to see plans for finishing the building moving forward.

Wyss wishes everyone “a Happy Holidays to you and yours.” With their purchase of the building, they’ve already given the town a reason to be very happy.

The Eagle will have a more in-depth feature in a coming issue.