Help the CBR Energy Group to promote PV in Crestone/Baca —take our survey

The Crestone Baca Resiliency (CBR) Energy Group’s mission is to support energy self-reliance in Crestone and the Baca Grande. To that end, we will be working with Solar Energy International’s (SEI) Solar Forward program, focusing on solarization in rural communities. Recent receipt of $5000 from a Saguache County Sales Tax Grant is helping the Energy Group to achieve that goal.

As part of the SEI Solar Forward campaign, the CBR Energy Group is initiating a program, CBR Solarize, to enable more Crestone and Baca residents to install photovoltaic (sunshine-into-electricity) systems on their homes and businesses. At the same time, the Solar Forward program will train local enrollees in solar equipment installation, providing them with valuable professional skills. SEI has implemented Solar Forward in various Colorado communities and is advising the CBR Energy Group on the program here.

To kick off the CBR Solarize campaign and update our survey data, the CBR Energy Group invites the community to share their thoughts and questions about solarizing homes or businesses by taking the survey at

More information on how to participate in this program will be provided in the June 2020 Crestone Eagle.