The Crestone Eagle • October, 2020

House destroyed in fire in the Baca Grants near Crestone

by Chrissy Lakish

At 1:25pm on Wednesday, September 9 the Baca Grande Fire Department was paged out to an abandoned house on fire in the Grants in the area of Homestead Rd. and Beaver Trail. Both the Baca Grande and Crestone fire departments responded to the call, and Saguache Fire Department sent a second water tender truck and personnel to support suppression efforts. The house had collapsed on itself by the time firefighters arrived; however, with the combined efforts of the Baca Grande, Crestone and Saguache fire departments, the blaze was contained. The site remains dangerous. The remains of the structure are unstable and they surround a large, deep hole in the ground that had been an intentional part of original construction of the house.

The cause of the fire is unknown. It is fortunate that the fire happened when the ground was covered with snow from the first big snowfall of the year and did not cause a grass fire.

Dispatch reported multiple 911 calls regarding the incident, proving the community is vigilant about smoke and fire. As always, if you see smoke or fire, call 911 right away.