Human Remains Found

By Mary Lowers

According to statements made at a Colorado Bureau of Investigations (CBI) press conference held today with members of a SLV Task Force including: Saguache County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO), Conejos County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO), Monte Vista Police (MVPD), Alamosa Police (APD) , and the Colorado State Patrol (CSP), human remains of three people were found near the tiny community of Los Sauces on the NM border south of Sanford. A suspect in the investigation Adre Jordan Baroz, 26, is wanted for homicide, Baroz known to many as “Physco” is considered armed and dangerous.

The bodies were uncovered when Conejos County deputies were executing a search warrant on November 10 according to Sheriff Crowder who pretty quickly called in the CBI to assist in the investigation.. A law enforcement investigation of adjoining property on November 13 uncovered more human remains. The Task Force and Sheriff Crowder will not reveal the object of the original search warrant. Sheriff Crowder emphasized, “The community of Los Sauces are upstanding citizens” and the community is not connected with criminal activity.

CBI spokespeople and members of the SLV Law Enforcement Task force were all concerned that Adre “Psycho” Baroz be apprehended as soon as possible. Alamosa Police Chief Anderson said, “My main goal is to get him off the street.” The task Force says it is too early to call him a serial killer. Monte Vista Police Chief Dingelder says that although the SLV agencies came together around several missing persons reports including that of Crestone man Zeven Garcia, “we are not associating the remains with any missing persons. At this time that would be a complete guess.”

The forensic anthropologists who confirmed the remains were indeed humans said they could not identify even gender from the bones. According to the Task Force it will take several weeks to several months to identify the remains. Meanwhile “Psycho” is on the loose. A tip Hotline has been set up : 719 270 0210. Callers may remain anonymous.