Important precinct caucus dates—be ready to vote

To be eligible to participate in Precinct Caucuses, Friday, February 14 is the last day to affiliate with either major party in order to vote in the March 7 party precinct caucuses (22 days before the precinct caucuses) and the last day to update your voter registration address to participate in the March 7 party precinct caucuses. You must be a resident of the precinct for 22 days and registered to vote no later than 22 days before the precinct caucus to participate (source: Colorado Sec. of State Election Calendar). To register to vote or update your registration, go to

Democratic Party precinct caucuses will be held on Saturday, March 7 at 2pm. Save the date! Plan to be there early to register. Location and other details will follow in the March issue of The Crestone Eagle.

While Colorado will have its first Presidential Primary in 20 years on March 3, it is important to participate in the Precinct Caucus because it is there that delegates to our County Assembly/Convention will be elected as well as Precinct Committee People. At County Assembly, delegates to our State Assembly/Convention will be elected. The number of Presidential delegates from each precinct elected to go to the County Convention will be based on the Presidential Primary results. At Saguache County Precinct Caucuses, voters will decide how many and which voters in their precinct will be delegates to the County Assembly on behalf of candidates for US Senate, Congressional District 3, State House District 62, and, if there is more than one candidate for the these offices: State Senate District 35, Judicial District 12, and County Commissioner Districts 1 and 2. Precinct Caucuses and County Assembly have a direct affect on which candidates will be on the primary ballot for non-Presidential offices. This is why Precinct Caucuses are so important.

Democratic Party candidates must meet a certain threshold of votes at caucus, then a certain threshold of delegate votes at County Assembly, and then a certain threshold of delegate votes at the State Assembly or s/he must petition to get on the Colorado Primary ballot. Other rules apply that may prevent a Democratic Party candidate from petitioning onto the ballot.

More information: Randy Arredondo, Saguache County Democratic Party Chair,; or Barbara Tidd, Saguache County Democratic Party Secretary,, 719-221-8434.