Astrologically Speaking . . . with Ananur – January 2009

Mercury will be turning retrograde this month, starting on January 11 at 9:45am until February first at 12:11am.

January 1 Mercury enters Aquarius. What a way to begin the New Year. I say that because our President, Mr. Barak Obama was born with Aquarius rising. Already I hear of him acting in what I consider an Aquarian manner. I was told tonight that he has invited us to join in small groups to discuss what we want to see for a health care program, and then our discussion will be conveyed back to him. I mean how democratic is this, the absolute opposite of what we’ve been living with for the last 8 years. I’d love to hear what “my brothers and sisters” are thinking, plus, of course, express my own opinion. Mercury will stay in Aquarius until January 21. Today Mercury is favorably aspecting Pluto offering you deeper insights than what you’re used to? Venus is in a positive aspect with Jupiter, which is uplifting for the economy.

January 2 Venus and Jupiter are still in a positive aspect until later on this evening. This is a fun time for a social gathering. The mood is upbeat. Venus is also aspecting Pluto, ushering in the power of love as a healing balm. Your idealistic perspective on life and love is being restored.

January 3 Venus will enter into Pisces, where she is said to be “exalted.” Venus will remain in this compassionate water sign until February 3. Allow yourself to feel the depth of the love within you; that’s what Venus in Pisces requests of us all.

January 4 Mercury is awkwardly aspecting Uranus. Your words are too blunt and cut like a knife. Try to refrain from speaking every little thought that comes to mind.

January 5 Mars will be aspecting Neptune, causing you to feel weak and tired. Why fight it? Relax and get the rest that your body needs.

January 5 Jupiter enters Aquarius at 8:42am, remaining here for a year, that is, until January 18, 2010. This is good news for all Aquarian-born individuals (born between January 21 and February 18). They will find themselves “luckier” than the rest of us during this time period. Also their intuition will be even stronger. Jupiter in Aquarius will be a time of consciousness raising. President Obama leads the way as a positive influence. He has original (Aquarian) ideas of how he will be helping to shift the economy. Think positive thoughts; that would be a good start.

January 6-15 Jupiter is aspecting Pluto. Positive action is taking place which will boost the economy. President Obama is making an impact; we listen attentively.

January 7-9 the Sun is now aspecting Uranus, the ruling planet of Aquarius. Expect your intuition to amaze you. Surprise it, and act on it in the moment.

January 9-11 the Sun is aspecting Saturn, nicely, helping you to focus your thoughts and energy so that you can accomplish your goals. You’re feeling more determined and emotionally stable.

January 10 the Full Moon will take place at precisely 8:27pm with the Moon at 21 degrees of Cancer and the Sun at 21 degrees of Capricorn. The focus is on family relations and bringing a family feeling into the workplace—being open and willing to show others who you are by dropping the “professional” facade. There’s teamwork going on which is enabling you to feel the joy of cooperative efficiency.

January 10-12 the Sun is nicely aspecting Neptune. You’re feeling more sensitive and vulnerable, in a good way …. You’re receptive to the needs of others.

January 11 is when Mercury will be turning retrograde at 9:45am until February 1 at 2:11am. Remember, while Mercury is retrograde, the best thing to do is to enjoy your inner life and spend more time in silence. Go for a lot of walks in the woods or cross country skiing where it’s white and quiet. This is not the time to buy a car, even if it’s a hybrid. Be patient and do some more research. Writing and journaling is favored.

January 14 Mercury is harshly aspecting Saturn, which will tempt you to worry. Be aware of the gravitational pull, so that you can make a conscious choice.

January 16 Mercury will be awkwardly aspecting Uranus causing your mind to race and your nervous system to feel sped up. Try to refrain from speaking too abruptly.

January 16-18 is when Mercury will be close to (conjunct) Jupiter, in Aquarius. Your thinking is innovatively inspired. Are you spending your time thinking of all of the constructive uses for our recycled garbage? Any ideas for replacing plastic diapers, trash bags, wrap, or bottles? I understand that in Oregon they’re using biodegradable trash bags made from corn.

January 17-21 the Sun and Mercury in Aquarius are in a positive aspect with Pluto in Capricorn. Transformation is taking place for those who are intending that it be so. “With a little help from my friends” all is possible.

January 19 the Sun will leave Capricorn and enter into Aquarius at 3:41pm. The Sun will remain in this visionary air sign until February 18 at 7:46am. While the Sun is in Aquarius we are concerned with humanitarian issues. How perfect with Obama about to launch his new presidency. He has Aquarius rising in his natal chart. He is “a rainbow” person who identifies himself as a world citizen and shows concern for all of humanity.

Our horizons will widen. He invites us to share our thoughts and email them to him, how very unique and how very Aquarian. is now 5 million strong and bold about expressing the views of the people. The time has come for “the people” to be represented. It is now.

January 20-22 Mars is nicely aspecting Uranus, insuring that you have all the physical energy you could possibly want. Seek adventure, be active; this is not the time for watching movies, even if it’s cold outside. Venus is conjunct Uranus, ushering in new romantic tanglements which could unfold nicely. With Uranus, it’s hard to know.

January 21 Mercury is still retrograding and now has backed up into Capricorn. This is not the time to start a new business or expand an existing business. Venus is aspecting Jupiter which is good for finances. Perhaps the stock market will leap forward.

January 22-24 the Sun is conjunct Jupiter—also good for finances, as yesterday was. Mars is nicely aspecting Saturn and Venus, favoring self discipline and a steady focus on a work project. Saturn is awkwardly aspecting Venus, known for testing trust in relationships. The Moon will be conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius this evening. Get ready for a beautiful sight.

January 24-28 Jupiter is awkwardly aspecting Uranus catapulting you forward to take risks that you ought not to be taking. Your impulses are quickened and your intuition is out of sorts. This is a good time for brainstorming, but not for action.

January 24-31 Jupiter is aspecting Saturn, causing some challenges for you to deal with in your work. You may be feeling some tension and concern financially.

January 24-26 Mercury and Mars are aspecting Neptune, inspiring you to give and help support others who are less fortunate than you.

January 25 the Sun aspecting Saturn has triggered you into negative thinking. Try to apply your power of observation and delete those negative thoughts.

January 26 Venus is nicely aspecting Neptune, finding you inspired and uplifted by music. You may want to do some writing or create artistically with music playing in the background. Mars is favorably aspecting Neptune, inspiring you to give more to others who need your support. This will lift your mood. This is also the day of the New Moon which takes place at 2:56am with the Sun and Moon at 6 degrees of Aquarius, which fits in with Obama’s chart. His natal Jupiter is right there, at that degree. He will be presenting a new plan of action which we will find to be inspiring. Now is the time for envisioning.

January 27 Mercury and Mars are close together in Capricorn; however, Mercury is still retrograde. Don‘t make any impulsive decisions that you would regret later on this week. Your mind is very active. Jupiter is aspecting Uranus, which suggests that you are eager for changes to take place. You feel like you’re running out of patience.

January 28-31 Jupiter is aspecting Saturn (as mentioned January 24-31) nudging you to do some research to learn more about implementing your ideas in the future to make more money. If your idea is “green,” you’re moving in the right direction.

Ananur Forma lived in Crestone from 1996-2003. Ananur is presently living on the rocky coast of Maine, and can easily be reached at 207-594-2565 for a personal chart reading. Sliding scale is available if needed. Ananur was born with the Sun in Libra, Capricorn Rising & Jupiter/Moon in Capricorn, and is committed to fairness.