Thank You

Dear Editor,

My, my, my! I’ve just read Mary Lowers’ review
of The Collection and am humbled by her kind words.
I thank you for your interest in the book. Publishing and
editing The High Valley Independent allowed many
early events to be recorded. Retuning to HVI to compile
The Collection brought boundless joy for me. I hope
the reader senses it.

In the Spirit of Appreciation,
Whitney Strong


NHN says thanks

Dear Editor,

Neighbors Helping Neighbors wants to make a short and sweet
to all you wonderful contributors to NHN this last month.
You know who you are. And if December didn’t work, but
your budget looks better this month, NHN is always grateful
for your help, any time of the year. We can always be found
at NHN, PO Box 822, Crestone CO 81131.

Bless you all for your welcome and timely contributions.

—With gratitude from the Neighbors Helping Neighbors


Thanks, and be safe!

Dear Editor,

I’d like to say a public thank you to the guys who
keep our roads plowed and make movement possible in these
snowy months. Shawn Hollmer, Bob Prather, Rob Morley and Dan
Gray—I really appreciate the work that you do and recognize
that some days it means long hours, tough conditions, and
an interruption to your personal schedules as you follow the
whims of mother nature. Thanks for keeping the roads open
in the Baca!

And speaking of roads, I’d like to encourage everyone
to slow down, especially when approaching the main Baca road
from uphill. Running a stop sign over an icy patch can be
dangerous. Panorama can resemble a slip ‘n slide even
for the best Subaru. Let’s remember all of the vehicle
accidents we had in the Baca last year and avoid them this
time around!

—Alison Frost


We feel appreciated

Dear Crestone Spiritual Alliance, Mangala Shri Bhuti and
all the Crestonions who attended (and tried to attend) the
William Prunkl benefit concert for the Water Protection Coalition
on Dec. 14:

We want to thank you again for the gift of music, appreciation
and community. Our Board Vice-President, Matthew Crowley put
it best: “Nowhere else but in Crestone could an American
cellist from Japan give a benefit concert organized by a Tibetan
Buddhist Sangha for a Water Protection Coalition at a Catholic

We felt genuinely appreciated and blessed (and $1,500 wealthier!).

Ceal Smith, Director
Chris Canaly, Chair
San Luis Valley Water Protection Coalition (WPC)


Thanks to participants

Dear Editor,

Thanks to everyone who participated in the benefit cello
concert on December 14.

It was a true Crestone event, with a Western cellist from
Japan offering sublime music to an appreciative audience in
a Catholic chapel sponsored by a Buddhist sangha to protect
our land and inhabitants! Happily, we were able to make a
substantial donation to the Water Protection Coalition.

In gratitude,

Naomi Mattis
For Mangala Shri Bhuti

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Deja vu

Dear Editor,

Once again the current POA Board proves their reputation
as the worst board ever. By choosing to raise the dues only
a few dollars, the reserves are still not fully funded. The
Land Use position was eliminated in November. How many jobs
can Shauna do? You ruined the golf course. Perhaps the current
recall move against Dianne Dunlap and Chuck Grant will help.
Where is Chuck anyway? He has been missing for five or six
months now. It is time for the property owners to demand the
transparency they were promised.

Show up!
John Ross


Dog problems in Crestone

Mayor Ralph and Council,

Dogs run wild in Crestone, while City Officials turn a blind
eye. Nothing is being done by Mayor and Council to enforce
the leash law.

Many dog owners are obviously not responsible enough to prevent
their dogs from running wild in packs. I therefore find the
City of Crestone legally responsible for the lack of enforcement
of unleashed dogs.

The cost of personal damage to persons resulting from loose
dogs is the legal responsibility and financial responsibility
of the City of Crestone. If this must be taken to court to
prove, no one will win.

A dog fight, mauling, bloody, vicious, occurred at the free
box Saturday, December 6. Instigated by a red dog, a pack
of dogs mauled a German Shepard. I witnessed the violent attack.
Threats and using violent force, men made efforts to disengage
the dogs with no success. The violent, bloody fight escalated
and lasted an extended duration.

With mud and blood, the fleeing German Shepard raced into
my vehicle for refuge, smashing onto my computer screen. This
computer screen cost me over $600 dollars to replace earlier
this year!!

Dog lovers can be cruel in defending the predatory nature
of their own pets. Local dogs chase down deer. Deer, in jumping
fences to escape, have deeply gashed their back legs. Painful,
these wounds must heal without medical aid.

Local dogs dig and roust out rabbits and kit foxes. As I
have witnessed.

Dog owners seem to be unwilling to prevent their dogs from
gathering at store entrances, begging scraps. The dogs in
front Shambala Restaurant come routinely in the morning for
scraps. They are hungry and unfed. I find this disturbing.

The owners of dogs are sometimes themselves homeless, leaving
dogs uncared for. I’m aware of a dog that has been abandoned
here for weeks at a time, as its owner makes trips to other
locations. I’ve seen this same dog threaten to maul
the face of a 9 year old child. This strikes a resonant concern,
because I, too, was threatened by dogs as a child.

Dogs commonly block traffic in Crestone. They lurch out,
chasing new arrivals, and trailing strays through the center
of the roadway. I’ve witnessed visitors forced to risk
avoiding the scattered strays. I’ve seen dogs settle
their conflicts right in front of waiting visitors’

I advocate control of a situation that is now out of hand.

Do something to uphold existing dog control law in the City
of Crestone.
—Sarah Naiditch

(Editor’s note: The Town of Crestone does enforce
its ordinances, but usually tries to work with owners before
issuing citations. I’m sure your letter will encourage
more citations, as the town council is also fed up with repeat
violaters. And, hopefully after reading your letter, dog owners
will be more aware and responsible. —kz)



Dear Editor,

Congratulations on the Eagle’s 20th year.
I remember the first Eagle I read September 1998
when we moved to Crestone. There were words there I never
knew so I got a world education every month. The Eagle
is fresh and never stale. I remember when the paper doubled
in size because there was so much happening in our little
town of Crestone, a microcosm of the world. Sitting in the
coffee shop reading our paper on the first of the month discussing
editorials is a lot of fun.

I especially loved the April Fools stories and always seemed
to be taken in or by suprise as I bought it hook line and
sinker. Through the years I laughed and cried as I read the
news. I can’t imagine Crestone without the Eagle.
I love you guys. Happy Anniversary.

—Danna Blount

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