Library Friends thank you

Dear Community,

The Northern Saguache County Library District wishes to express our gratitude to the Crestone community! The Friends of the Library are always, ever helpful and have taken such an active role in keeping the library up-to-date. From changing all the lighting to full-spectrum (thank you H, P and T!) to reversing the restroom door to make it more wheelchair-friendly to the plans to replace the library’s front steps, these folks are doers! If you’re looking for an active group who works hard to make the library better, please consider joining the Friends of the Library. Contact the Baca Grande Library for more information.

We also want to thank Elaine and Steve for generously allowing the donation bottle to be placed in the Mercantile. CCS students painted this large bottle, and the donations in it go towards the new library project. We love when business owners partner with the library district—together we can do so much!

Lastly, thank you to this generous community, who keep adding to that donation jar and sending checks to the library district for the new library project. We appreciate every dollar that comes in for the project, and the support it represents. As a reminder, our website ( has a donation button where you can donate via PayPal or credit card. Charitable contributions to governmental units (such as the library district) are tax-deductible under section 179(c)(1) of the Internal Revenue Service if made for a public purpose.

NSCLD Board & Staff

Math scores rise at CCS

To those concerned,

I am very pleased and excited to announce that the Middle School students at Crestone Charter have been making extraordinary gains in their mathematical achievement.  All students have been taking the second round of NWEA testing this past week.

Using the data from the first and second NWEA tests this year, as well as data compiled from one of our on-line remediation tools called Moby Max, I have determined the following; 82% of MS students showed growth according to NWEA, 78% are performing above grade level, and each student who is regularly using Moby Max has shown an average of 1.6 grade levels of growth. I realize that this picture looks suspiciously rosy.  Indeed the average can often hide the unpleasant.  We have seen some student stagnation and even some regression in less than a handful of our 23 students.  These data points also fail to represent the students who began the year behind and are currently ahead of where they need to be in June.  The data cannot express that we have students who have realized what intrinsic motivation feels like, who resist ending their lessons when it’s quitting time, and who are now following their own passionate path through their own academic journeys.

Putting this math program in place has been a roller coaster for both the students and the adults involved.  The support that I have received as the lead teacher and the students receive daily has been crucial to the success of this endeavor.  The MS math instruction team this year has included Daya Scheide, initially Ashlee Jernigan who has since become our lead 2/3 teacher, Christine Gingrich, Laurie Cowan, and our intervention specialist Carson Bone.  I usually spend the time tracking progress, refocusing students, and organizing information. I had to take the opportunity to reach out proudly with this information. What feels at times chaotic, messy, and frustrating has been confirmed as successful, extremely successful.

Please feel free to send me any questions about the details of the instructional practices we have in place.  As much as we bristle at standardized testing in general, these measures matter and the data provided shows an amazing rate of progress.  Let me restate briefly, in less than four months of solid instruction our average MS student has achieved more than a year of academic growth.  So, when you see them offer praise and congratulations. They have earned it!


TJ Walling

Years of advocacy & support

Dear Editor,

This letter is intended to express my heartfelt appreciation to Akia Tanara.

Thank you, Akia, for the years of advocacy and support you demonstrated towards my children and me. The amount of gratitude I feel for the dedication and care you have shown me cannot be fully conveyed in this letter. There will always be a light in my heart for you. Wishing you only the best of everything.


Brisa Storey