Thanks to Chris Botz

Dear Editor,

I would like to send a well-deserved shout-out to Chris Botz who has been an active volunteer and public servant in our community for the last decade. Chris has been involved in both our  fire departments, most recently retiring from his job as Chief of the Baca F.D. For many years Chris also served us an EMT and ambulance driver here and saved more than a few lives in the process. In order to thrive, any rural community needs dedicated workers, volunteers, and just plain good citizens. Thanks for showing up, Chris,


Peter Anderson

Our library:
Current & future

This past year, the two libraries of the Northern Saguache County Library District served over 37,737 visitors, offering free public computer access; free Wi-Fi; free interlibrary loan services; DVD, book, audiobook cassette, audiobook CD, and large-print book checkouts; meeting space; LCD projector and screen checkouts; and copy, fax, scan, and print services.  Additionally, we offered over 200 children’s programs in 2015 for ages birth-3rd grade. We checked out 26,105 items, had 5,983 computer users, and welcomed around 200 new patrons. Every metric we measure went up this year, and have gone up each of the past 5 years since the library district was formed. Our services are needed now more than ever before, and our need for a new library in Crestone is great.

Though the Crestone-Baca Grande New Library project stalled a bit in the past two years, we’re re-starting the community conversation. In the past 2 months, we’ve held 2 community input meetings and have been inspired by the passion and enthusiasm of the attendees. In direct response to the feedback from the community, the NSCLD Board of Trustees recently rescinded a motion from 2015 to move ahead with one library design. Instead, the NSCLD will focus on procuring the site first, then will begin a process of design. We are planning some exciting events in the very near future, which will be publicized through a variety of media, including our website ( and our Facebook page (

Our most pressing need right now is procuring the site selected by the community. Our time is running short: can you help us? Our website has a “Donate” button that accepts Paypal and Credit Card payments. Please indicate that your donation is for the new Crestone-Baca Grande Library Project. All donations to the Northern Saguache County Library District is tax-deductible under section 179(c)(1) of the Internal Revenue Code if made for a public purpose.

We are excited to work toward the future—to align our library services with community goals, to work towards the long-term sustainability of our library . . . in short, to become vital to every person in our community. Our numbers show that more people are seeing the importance of our libraries each year. Won’t you join us on this journey?

Saguache County Library District, Crestone/Baca Library

Are you a creative?

We need your help

Dear Editor,

Our creative arts district is applying for certification by the State of Colorado, and we need your help in demonstrating the breadth and depth of our creative community. Certification from the State will help make the quality of life better for creatives here in Crestone and, in the process, help our entire community. More specifically, designation from the State will open the door to grants and other forms of support for creative and artistic endeavors here.

Creatives and artists can help the district make the case to Colorado Creative Industries that we are indeed a creative and artistic community by filling out a simple form at Crestone Town Hall.  It only takes a couple of minutes and it will help us in our application. So if you’re a creative, stand up, be counted, and help your home town. The term “creative,” as defined very broadly by the State of Colorado, includes musicians, web designers, painters, landscapers, woodworkers, sculptors, culinary artists, writers, graphic designers, anything, in fact, being carried out creatively. It is our belief that we are a highly creative community. Help us show the State that it is so.


Crestone Creative Arts District Steering Committee

Kairina Danforth, Mayor, Crestone

McGregor Gaines

Elaine Johnson

Stephen Futral (Ish)

David Nelson

Ginny Ducale

Richard Collier

Deb Bouvier

Peter Anderson

County Roads practically impassable

Dear Editor,

I just drove home on Cty. Rd. T, which has gone unplowed all day today, Christmas. Does the public’s safety take a day off on holidays? I called the Sheriff’s office to let them know, and James, the dispatcher, informed me that Road and Bridge took the day off. I am sorry but that is the job they are hired to perform. Does the fire dept. take the day off? Police, apparently not because they answered the phone.

We got 4 inches of snow over here and the wind was drifting it, making travel treacherous. At least one vehicle was in the ditch. People drive every day and we have the expectation that primary roads will be open and made as safe as possible. This is a violation of the trust we place in our public officials and someone should pay dearly so that in the future a taxpayer does not have to pay with their life. Dereliction of duty is nearly a crime in this case. Some County employees just seem to think they are totally immune from responsibility. There needs to be accountability in this case.


Thomas McCracken, taxpayer