Wonderful decades

Dear Editor,

Curt’s store was the heart of Crestone way before we moved here in the nineties and moved back again in 2008. The old “Tilted Floor” hosted the community’s daily impromptu gatherings, with DogMan outside, his watch set at “NOW”, the black and white cow and just a hug-you vibe of country sweetness, that supplied this community with beautiful food—rare even then.

After the old building truly started sliding into the earth, Curt went larger and with cafe hang too, accommodating a growing community—a beautiful structure, artfully complementing the treed street. Soon after, we were amazed to see all the competitive pre-fabs quickly pop up (lower mortgage properties able to set prices lower) but more amazed at how a community that declares itself unique opted for the pre-fabs! Was this one of those times when the word “progress” had come to be synonymous with mediocrity? That’s how Wal Mart thrives, our need to save those few bucks here & there.

One way or the other we want to thank Curt & Bernadette for all the wonderful decades of a great and soulful place that was the heart of the town.

May you move on to the more loving energy you deserve,

Theano & Chuck Lamb


Support Senate Bill 13-252

Dear Editor,

Loren Howard, CEO of SLVREC, in the May Eagle wrote “Help Defeat Senate Bill 13-252” claiming it would triple the cost of electricity. Every time an official or politician says defeat a bill,  instincts say look deeper and examine the issue more closely. That claim is exaggerated and on the face of it unsupported. The bill was thoughtfully crafted by the Senate, and supported by Senator Gail Schwartz, with the intent to encourage renewable energy development. Mr Howard is saying let’s play ostrich, ignore global warming, business as usual, and full steam ahead.

Coal is a transitional fuel, and thank God for it. It helped develop the modern world. But it also helped bring on global warming, and now is the time to transition into renewable energy sources. To think coal can be made clean and reduce CO2 on the cheap is to ignore the facts.

We say support SB 13-252 and also support SolarReserve. The SunCatcher was a flawed technology, but SolarReserve is proven, stores energy, and has sustained electric generation which interfaces more easily with conventional electric generation. Sure solar electricity costs a little more. But it is time to take our heads out of the sand, and move into sustainable energy generation for a cleaner future. This is a sensible path to begin to mitigate the more costly and catastrophic consequences of global warming.

Vince and Mary Palermo, Lee Temple, Bill Sutherland, Kelly Hart


Our congenial neighbor, thank you Saguache

Dear Editor,

Last week I had the pleasurable experience of spending the day in downtown Saguache, doing errands, having lunch and visiting Eagle advertisers.

Downtown Saguache is looking lovely and spruced-up since its new makeover; but I was even more impressed with how nice everyone I encountered was, whether I knew them or not.

From Esther at the 4th St Diner to the gentleman who jumped my truck after I left the headlights on, to strangers in the street, everyone was friendly & cordial.

Thank you, Saguache, for a lovely visit!

Janet Woodman


We need your input on new library facility

The Northern Saguache County Library District (NSCLD) is made up of two library branches: one in the Town of Saguache and one in the Crestone/Baca area. The NSCLD board has recently passed a resolution recognizing the need for a better library space in the Crestone/Baca area. To this end, the board has asked the NSCLD Facilities Committee to begin the planning process. The first step is a needs assessment, which will include a survey and other forms of information gathering (such as focus groups, meetings, and interviews)—all directed to the Crestone/Baca community and its members.

It is the intention of the library district to fund any future library construction through grants, individual donations and other fundraising activities. While there are no plans to ask the voters for a mil levy, this is an avenue that may be considered in the future if financial conditions change for the library district.

The first survey will be available throughout the Town of Crestone beginning June 1 and will be open until August 5.  Please stop by the post office, Baca Grande Library, Crestone Mercantile, Desert Sage or Aventa Credit Union in early June to fill out a survey. There will be surveys and collection boxes all these locations.

If you would prefer to take the survey online you can go to surveymonkey.com/s/FJ6H8F3.

Contact: Kim Smoyer, Chair, NSCLD Facilities Committee & Board Members, 719-655-0104 or kimsmoyer@nsclibrarydistrict.org.