WHAT CAN I DO in 5 MINUTES before midnight NOVEMBER 15???

Thank you for doing what you can! Every effort helps!

I. Call or email our CO Legislators:

1.Senator Mark Udall 719-542-1701

2. Senator Michael Bennett 719-587-0096

3. Congressman John Salazar 719-587-5105

II.Submit your comments to Cannon Air Force base – You can Email, Call or Write. They like emails.

1.Request an extension beyond Nov. 15th

2. Demand an EIS ( Environmental Impact Statement) instead of just an EA(Environmental Assessment).

3. Say NO to the project. We should never let the ENTIRE sky over Northern NM and Southern CO turned over to the Air Force or anyone else to practice war.

Cannon Air Force Base Public Affairs Office

110 E. Sextant Ave., Suite 1150

Cannon AFB, NM 88103

Phone: 575-784-4131


III. Ask Saguache County Commission to adopt the Resolution Stating an Objection to the Low Altitude Tactical Navigation Proposal (LATN) immediately!

Saguache County Commission

P.O. Box 655

Saguache, CO 81149