Dear neighbors and fellow Baca Grande property owners,

I am writing today to ask you to join me in voting for Steve Dossenback as a POA board member in the upcoming POA elections. Why? And why is this election important?

In recent years our Baca Grande community has experienced more than its share of controversy and conflict, especially among those serving as volunteer board members of our Property Owners Association (or POA). Sometimes this hostility originated with certain POA board members, and sometimes it was directed toward board members by dissatisfied land owners. Happily the atmosphere has improved recently. The period of angry meetings, lawsuits, and mutual frustration seems to be a thing of the past. Let’s keep our Property Owners Association moving in the right direction.

No one is better qualified, by temperament or experience, to do this than Steve Dossenback. He is a patient, accessible, fair minded member of our community, who has already racked up a lot of valuable experience serving as a volunteer member of the EAC or Environmental and Architectural Committee. This is an important and often thankless job. Ultimately the EAC is responsible for maintaining the standards, the aesthetics, the property values and the livability of our Baca community—by following interpreting, and applying our covenants and governing documents in a fair, even-handed and intelligent manner. Steve Dossenback has a gift for listening, and a gift for bringing clarity to potentially confusing land-use issues. Time and again, in public meetings, Steve has diffused conflict and explained the Baca Grande rules and regs and how they apply in ways that everyone can understand and eventually agree on.

Steve Dossenback is a great choice for the POA board. He is serious, smart and a helluva good neighbor. I urge you to look at his qualifications, and talk with Steve about his vision for the future of our community. I think you will join me in supporting him in the coming election.

Sincerely, Lito Tejada-Flores