United States Postal Service mail sent from Crestone to a Crestone post office box now gets sent to Denver for sorting rather than being sorted at the Crestone Post Office. A postal worker said all the local mail has to be put in box-number-order before being placed into the appropriate box.  The sorting takes lots of time and costs money and it is more cost effective to have the mail automatically sorted.

David Rupert, United States Postal Service Corporate Communications, said “Nationwide, USPS has continued to be more efficient in our processes. As part of that effort,  we have expanded our use of high speed automated sorters.  These eliminate manual handling of mail and also automatically integrates into publication notification and forwarding systems.

“Although there is no local mail slot available in Crestone or any other local Post Office, single letters destined for Crestone can still be handled by local personnel across the counter.”

Rather than getting local mail the next day, people serviced by small post offices without the automatic sorting machines should expect it to take 2 days for local mail to go from the “in” slot in the lobby to the recipient’s post office box.  Plan ahead for the delivery delay—or consider the old fashioned “hand delivery”.