Thank you

Dear everyone,

Thank you to all who attended Lionnell’s memorial. You helped make it a truly special and meaningful occasion. Thank you all for the cards, phone calls, e-mails, flowers, food, prayers, hugs, well wishes and your continued love and support. My heartfelt thanks to the EMTs and first responders who came to my aid so quickly the night of Lionnell’s passing. We are lucky to have women and men of such high caliber and dedication in our community. We are grateful to be part of the Crestone, Baca and Moffat communities.

With love and gratitude,

Loretta and Nicole Covert


Thanks POA

Dear Editor,

We would like to thank the Baca Grande POA for once again supporting the youth of our community through their offering of partial scholarships for the Baca Grande Stables Summer Children’s Riding Program (see related article). The POA has underwritten this program for many years, thereby making it possible for children to participate in this fun and valuable experience who might otherwise not be able to attend. On behalf of our local kids and families, thank you.

Joanna and Eli Dokson

Baca Grande Stables


Matthews for BGWS

Dear Editor,

I urge voters for the two-year seat on the BGW&S District Board of Directors to keep Vicki Matthews on the board. She has been “in the room” for the past 6 years and has led the charge to bring the district’s affairs into proper and legal order. The other candidate has been a no show during that time. Would you hire a chauffeur who didn’t show the least interest in understanding how your newly rebuilt (and expensive!) car operated?


Michael Scully


Thanks for supporting our Moffat Scholastic Book Fair

Dear residents,

Because of your help, our school had our best book fair! This money was used to buy books for our library and it puts books in the hands of our most needy kids!

The All for Books money we collected also helps readers beyond our school and community. Scholastic Book Fairs matches monetary donations with a donation of up to one million books to two national non-profit organizations dedicated to helping children, families, and teachers acquire books and educational resources—Kids In Need Foundation and Kids in Distressed Situations, Inc.

Your simple act of kindness brought more knowledge, more adventure, more humor, more mystery, and more imagination into the lives of young people everywhere!

The more children read, the better they get, and the better they get, the more they’ll enjoy reading and keep at it. Thank you for your support of our Moffat Scholastic Book Fair!

Michelle Hashbarger

for the Moffat School


Clay Art closing downtown studio

Dear Editor,

It has been a pleasure having the Clay Art  Pottery Studio downtown since 2009. It is time to move on and focus on my own work. I plan to take the summer off and close the studio downtown and move into my  home studio in the fall.

Hearing all the laughter and seeing the creative juices flowing has been fun. I am thankful for the support of the community for keeping Clay Art alive for all this time.

Some of my first students are now graduating from the Charter School this year. The Charter School’s mentorship program allowed our high school students to have  experience in a professional  pottery studio. They learned to let go and create amazing works, both functional and non-functional.  Over the years I also worked with home school students, after school students and all those who walked in the door and professed to have no talent and walked out with beautiful works in clay. It has been a pleasure.

Thanks also to all the adult and student studio members who came in on their own time and used the studio as their own and kept it clean! So, I am not leaving Crestone, just moving my studio to the Baca and taking a break to get my creativity moving again. Wait until you see some of my new work  I have planned!

Clay Art will be having a big gallery sale Thursday May 8, Friday May 9, Saturday May 10 from 10am to 5pm.

Everything must go at fantastic prices, 50% off marked prices. It is a good time for future gifts and maybe something for your self. Please stop by and see what we have. I don’t want to pack it up. I want someone to enjoy what has been made.


Lynn Drake


A small town with a big heart

Dear Editor,

When you travel you would usually want to go somewhere where there is a big resort or many things to do, but what if you go somewhere where it is not about the place, but the people that are with you. This past week I traveled to that kind of place with my school. Crestone, Colorado is definitely a small town, but within that town there are so many people and things that are hidden inside it. This experience has not only taught me, but has changed different perspectives I have as a person. The people, cultures, and the whole life of Crestone have transformed me into a whole and complete human being.

We attended the Healing Arts Center (The Dojo) for a Kundalini yoga class.  The word Kundalini comes from an ancient technology based on an understanding of the ecology of the human being. The yoga is designed to heal, breathe, sound, and posture. For me personally the yoga made me feel at peace. When we arrived at the Dojo, Sue Beck Retuta who was our yoga teacher, greeted us. The practice was combined with different poses, chants, meditations, and breathing exercises. My favorite part of the class was at the when we meditated on our backs and listened to the sound of the gong. In particular I love the gong because it overwhelms me with peace and enlightenment in life. It sends me into a trance of peace and serenity. I also felt like the gong symbolized the beginning of our adventure. Sue is peaceful and very nice. Dan is her husband, and they own the center and Dan also teaches martial arts.

Going to Crestone was an experience that I will never forget. When I first arrived I was not sure of what to expect from the week. All I could see were trees and sand, but what I have learned through the week are countless experiences and memories. Through the week I have met new people, learned about different cultures, and have explored a place with so many lessons. I have not only learned about a different type of yoga, but also realized how much Kundalini yoga affects me in a positive way. Through the nature, the vibe Crestone gives off, and the people that are so genuine. I have learned more about people, and myself while just living and breathing. I will carry this memory with me forever and even though it is a small town, there are so many people that can affect you and at the same time teach you something new and powerful with light.

Olivia Dolemba,

Aspen High School

Experiential Education Student


Call for seniors’ survey

Dear Editor,

Thank you for the many ideas and inputs we have received from everyone who has already responded to the Living Wisdom Seniors’ Survey.  If you have not submitted yours yet, please be sure to do so.

Your participation not only greatly assists efforts at visioning and planning, but also ripples out into our community a sense of caring and the message that Crestone is a place of vitality that is devoted to quality of life.

You are still invited to fill out the survey (available at the Mart and the Desert Sage.  They will soon be in the foyer of the Nada Chapel, and by request at other locations.) . . . and drop it by the ERA offices of Vivia Lawson in the Sangre de Cristo Inn building.

All your voices are requested, please, if you’ve spent 55 or more years on our planet. Give us your thoughts, so together we can grow and support each other.

Barbara Hoeppner

William Howell

Vivia Lawson

Burt Wadman


117 POA members make requests of Baca POA board

Two well-attended community meetings were held in February after the majority on the board of directors did not adequately answer the  fire-related questions put to them by POA members at the board’s February 13 meeting. This letter, signed by 117 POA members (see below), is the result of those meetings. It was presented to the board prior to their meeting of March 13 but board president Bob Garnett abruptly adjourned that meeting just before the issue came up on the agenda. When it did come up on the agenda at the next regularly scheduled meeting the board majority neither discussed the issues with the members nor were willing to schedule a special meeting to do so. To date the board has yet to engage personally with these members to address the concerns brought up in this letter.

Instead, at its April 24 meeting the board issued a written response saying that it would not be willing to meet with members to address the points in their letter  unless the members can provide detailed evidence and documentation supporting every request the members put to the board in their letter to justify why the board should do so.

—submitted by Susannah Ortego


Letter to the POA Board Dated March 13, 2014

To Baca Grande POA Board of Directors:

In response to a growing number of interrelated concerns, but with a focus on fire safety, the Baca Grande POA community members held two community meetings in February, on the 17th, and the 24th, for the purpose of hearing community concerns and formulating the following requests:

Fire protection concerns

Whereas: Property owners recognize that we live in an area of extreme fire danger. The Colorado Wildland Urban Interface Hazard Assessment Map indicates the Crestone/Baca as the area of highest risk in Saguache County, and equal to the area near South Fork that was involved in a large wildfire in 2013. Baca Grande residents are concerned about the loss of experienced fire fighters to the POA Fire Department and the lack of expertise among current Baca fire department volunteers.

Whereas: Residents recognize that other issues exist with a private POA Fire Department, including issues of governmental immunity, insurance, liability for homeowners and fire fighters, and mutual aid agreements with other public fire districts.

Members Request: The POA Board of Directors to seriously explore, in GOOD FAITH and in collaboration with the POA resident community, options for collaborating in the use of emergency equipment. As challenges exist with a private fire department, the POA Board of Directors should earnestly research and work toward the leasing and/or other legal means of providing the POA fire station, trucks, and personnel equipment to Crestone Fire Protection District, upon condition of passage of a mill levy to support the District.

Members Request: The POA Board of Directors to establish a Conflict Resolution Process between former Baca Fire Department staff and volunteers, and POA staff and directors to identify issues that resulted in a high number of resignations.

Members Request: The POA Board and staff to take action steps to resolve these issues with staff, board, and current and former volunteers.

Communication issues

Whereas: There continues to be a seriously inadequate response, written or verbal, to members’ questions and concerns, in meetings or out of meetings. This indicates a board that lacks the type of communication that builds positive relations with the membership.

Whereas: The POA Board of Directors has given insufficient reasoning for its lack of response to membership inquiries and questions.

Members Request: When the membership presents the Board with written questions, we expect to receive a thoughtful and clear response in writing within a reasonable period of time. In most cases, a reasonable time would be two weeks to one month.

Members Request: During POA Board meetings, when members request time on the agenda to present concerns and questions, that time should be offered in good faith and in a timely manner. Board members should indicate support for the safety and wellbeing of the community by Actively Listening and Responding to member concerns.

Membership accountability

Whereas:  The community perceives three levels of community investment, with the highest level being residence owners who also live here, secondly residence owners who rent to community members and thirdly, those who own undeveloped land.  This is also validated by the state property tax valuation.

Whereas: Members who own homes and live here are most likely to be impacted the most heavily by wildfire and other natural and man-made disasters.

Whereas: The POA Property Owners who are more significantly committed to the community by full-time residence should be given greater consideration when there is physical risk to their homes and personal safety.

Members request: The POA Board of Directors to form, support and empower a taskforce of residential property owners to fully investigate a variable dues structure that will recognize varying levels of community investment. Long-term planning should include a governing documents change to give weighted voting to local homeowners.

Members request: That dues assessments be sufficient, and funding priorities set, to provide for a fire department that has adequate resources and reserves to fund and staff a National Response to a fire, as needed in an emergency.

Thank you for your attention to these important matters.

Signed by 117 Baca Grande POA members

Editor’s Note: The Crestone Eagle was given the list of the signers, but it was too many names to publish here.  We have posted it on the Eagle website:


POA Board Response

Presented at the April 24 POA board meeting: Board response to the March 13, 2014 letter from the members concerning list of member requests

The POA Board is willing to have a meeting to discuss the member requests. Before such a meeting can be scheduled the Board requires the following information to be submitted in writing to ensure such a meeting would be productive and to provide the Board sufficient time to review the information and prepare properly researched responses.

1. For each request, please provide a detailed presentation about why there is a need for the request and what you specifically are asking the Board to do to achieve the request.

2. For each request, please provide a detailed presentation of any evidence, laws, etc., to support each member request that would require such supporting information.

3. For each request please provide a clear plan and any necessary documents you feel would be needed to achieve each request, taking into account all the laws and rules that must be followed by the Board, and taking into account Board member/association liabilities concerns.

We await your written response.

POA Board of Directors