Thanks for the participation

Dear Editor,

The Baca Grande Friends of the Library send many thanks and appreciation to our community for all their support.  Once again our community came together and supported the FoL Bake Sale—despite the windy, blustery & dusty day.  Thank you, thank you and thank you.  Special thanks for our library staff, Suzanne, Barry and Sandia for their ideas and help, and Barry for helping me recount the donations.  Special thanks to all those hearty souls who braved the weather to stay at the baked goods table, to help keep everything organized and collect the generous donations.  We wish to thank Ed and Carmin who helped set up and again Carmin who remained all day.  To Natasha for all her help, from making posters to keeping things organized throughout the afternoon.  Also, special thanks to all whose wonderful bakers & chefs, and chocolatiers, who donated their time & talents making all the delicious and delectable yummies—Blessings.

And thanks to Miton, who so generously allowed us to conduct the event on his property—thank you.

Thom Ontko,

Chair, Friends of the Library

Caring, thoughtful people

Dear Community,

We want to thank everyone for their prayers, healing thoughts, cards, phone calls, visits, gifts and delicious, nutritious meals prepared for us.

Kathy’s journey with cancer has been made easier by living in a community surrounded by caring, thoughtful people.

Deepest gratitude and love for each and everyone of you!


Kathy Spinks & Bill Aldinger

Abundant gratitude!

Dear Friends & Family,

I would like to deeply thank my beloved community for truly being there for me during this divine healing crisis I am now facing.  As I write this I am almost four weeks post surgery from a full hysterectomy and I will begin chemo treatments at the beginning of May for stage IIIC ovarian cancer.  I have been home recovering with Phoenix Tears and Essiac Tea as part of my healing protocol and I will continue with this thru chemo.  I am feeling really good and chomping at the bit to get out there and start playing in the woods again.  My deepest thanks goes out to everyone who has sent me healing prayers, beautiful flowers, delicious food, heartfelt cards and much needed financial assistance to see me through this difficult time.  I would like to send out a very special thank you to some people who have really stepped up for me and have made sure I am taken care of and loved. My heart is overflowing with gratitude and joy for Gayatri Devi, Tamar Ellentuck, Donald Gifford, Scott Norris, Renee Hill, Loretta Covert, Allison McClure, Tammy Cliche, Peter May, Nina Bonneville, Amulya Dawn, Naomi Lake, Cheyenne Mendel, Elaine Johnson, Shanti Dechen, Dan Perlman, Malina Feder, Denise Peine, Peter Taylor and John Day. I could not get through this with out all of you out there. My prognosis is good and I will beat this! Since I will not be returning to work until this fall, I still find myself in need of financial support while I am unable to work.  If you feel so inclined and are able to donate any amount to my fund you can do so with NHN at PO Box 822, or at my Go-Fund-Me account here:

Thanks to all of you who have made this new journey of mine much easier to face head on and conquer. My heart is deeply touched and is shinning brightly.

With abundant love & gratitude,

Cathy Amenta

Amenta benefit May 21

Dear Editor,

I will be doing an all day Cut-a-Thon for my good friend Cathy Amenta. All haircuts and money raised will go to Cathy’s personal fund to help out in her time of need. On Thursday May 21, Cynthia Surface will be chopping locks and trimming shapes at His and Hers beauty salon in the Sangre De Cristo building. Minimum donation is $20.00 and will be on a walk-in basis 9am-7pm. Come down to help a neighbor out! Even if you do not want a cut, a donation jar will be there for giving.


Cynthia Surface

Value the Freebox or lose it

Dear Editor,

I am afraid we are going to lose the Freebox. Many families and individuals benefit from the clothing, books and small treasures. A few people continue to trash it, and you know who you are. Please stop it. Please.

Lulan Sanford

Lay off the poison

Dear Editor,

We were recently informed that the Fish & Game Department plans to poison Sand Creek and its entire river basin in order to reintroduce only the native cutthroat trout into a future dead river system. It’s the age-old war on “invasive” species such as tamarisk, white top and tumble weed. When nature has been disturbed by man, nature will introduce something strong to fill the imbalance.

For example, beavers were exterminated from our rivers, so the dams and much of the topsoil was washed away, and the majority of the watershed was lost. So was most of the native trout habitat lost, namely the larger pools, especially beaver dams, and cutthroat are a larger trout getting up to 20 lbs.

So let us bring in the beaver to rescue not only the cutthroat that still live in Sand Creek and many other creeks in our area, but all the other creatures in the river and adjacent forest that will be killed or adversely affected by their poison program. They’ll tell us that, like the buffalo, the beavers will spread disease, when actually modern man is the plague of the planet, invasive, evasive and pervasive with their poisons. If Monsanto and the corporate farmers carry through their program to grow GMO alfalfa, they won’t have to poison the rivers, as everything will be sprayed with Agent Orange, unless of course you happen to be “Agent Orange Ready”.

Al & Julie Sutherland

No bee poisons

Dear readers of the Eagle,

Just a reminder to be very careful to NOT buy bee-toxic plants this season. Also, ask the seller to not sell any plants treated with pesticides.  We must protect the few bees we have left!

Carol DeAntoni