The Crestone Eagle • February, 2021

Mitigation slash pile controlled burn—firefighter training planned

by Christina Lakish

Baca Grande Emergency Services will be conducting a controlled burn of the slash pile at the mitigation pit east of the POA hall, tentatively scheduled for February 27 if weather and atmospheric conditions allow. The conditions required in order to obtain permission to burn are very strict, and are intended to take into account the safety of all, air quality, and fire control. BGES takes all precautions when undertaking this burn, including notifying all mutual aid departments of our activities up to, and including Colorado Department of Fire Prevention and Control. The burn will not be conducted if the required conditions are not met for a safe burn. A crew of firefighters will be on scene with suppression apparatus until the fire is extinguished. 

The public are asked to remain a safe distance away from the site during burn operations.

This burn is not only an opportunity to dispose of hazardous wildfire fuels removed from the Baca during fire mitigation practices, but also an opportunity for your community firefighters to get much-needed live fire training and exercises. This year, Baca Grande Emergency Services is conducting a structural Firefighter 1 class, an 8-week course in the fundamentals of effectively fighting structure fires. This is part of an overall effort to improve the skills and effectiveness of your local emergency services. The slash pile burn this year will be integrated into the concepts being taught in the Firefighter 1 classes. 

Baca Grande Emergency Services appreciates the support and cooperation of the community while we work hard and train hard to serve the Baca and Crestone to the very best of our abilities.