Thank you to the Crestone Community for supporting Neighbors Helping Neighbors AND a request to donate, volunteer and purchase at our upcoming Garage Sale on June 4th at the Elephant Cloud parking area between 9am and 3pm.

The garage sale is a wonderful way to donate and re-circulate useable items in excellent condition that you are ready to part with while raising money for this great community event.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors brings the community together by supporting the well-being of households in crisis in an attempt to stabilize their situation. It is one of the wonderful ways we create community.  Those that can, donate or volunteer and those in need are helped when they are in unfortunate circumstances.

With the current economic situation, many in our service area are affected by job loss, under-employment and when other emergencies such as accidents or illness occur which puts them beyond their resources. We respond to the needs and problems of people living in crisis situations by directly paying bills that will restore stability, giving them a chance to get on their feet without creating further instability.

We have helped our neighbors with rent or mortgages, food, utilities, medical bills, propane, firewood, funeral expenses, travel to reach medical help not available in the valley, etc.  In some cases, people are facing eviction or foreclosure, having utilities cut off or not having enough food to eat. By helping people with a quick response to a crisis situation, we can prevent them from becoming homeless, sliding deeper into a financial hole that could endanger their survival, or require state or county aid and support on a long term basis.

NHN is completely supported by volunteers, donations and grants—100% of funds raised are passed on to those in need. Please bring items by for donation between 8-9 am on June 4th, or if you have items but won’t be in town, let me or Angela Anderson know how we can pick it up .

Come by to volunteer, shop and meet your neighbors on June 4th outside of Elephant Cloud.