by Sarah Koehn Frey

Both the Crestone Planning Commission and the Crestone Town Trustees unanimously approved the NSCLD’s chosen site, after much inclusive discussion and thoughtful evaluation. The NSCLD Board of Trustees, Director, and architect Burt Wadman were honored to go through this process with the Crestone Town Trustees, as it demonstrated the incredible vision and care the Trustees have for the future of our community.

In a special meeting that included representation from the Library District, Friends of the Baca Grande Library President Thom Ontko, Charter School Director Michael Hayes and County Commissioner Jason Anderson, a collaborative solution was achieved that will allow for additional parking for special events that will take place at the Library Community Gathering Space and Amphitheatre.

The district made a thorough evaluation of numerous potential locations for the new library, including smaller sites in the core pedestrian area of downtown. After exploring possibilities with several property owners, a location was selected that is midway between the Charter School and the downtown, is convenient to pedestrians young and old, and is large enough to provide ample on-site parking for the new library.

The site is a full half block, one acre in size, and is bounded by Cottonwood on the west, Alder on the east, Copper on the north and Lime on the south. If you are going to the Charter School, it is on your immediate right, just as Alder Street dog-legs to the left onto Lime.

The NSCLD would like to express special appreciation to Robert Eiserman of Four Directions Consulting, who conducted a Feasibility Study on the financial capacity of the Crestone-Baca Grande community to support the building of a new library. Robert interviewed more than 55 people during his study, and we are thrilled to say the outcome of his hard work is positive! We’re inspired and humbled by the community’s support for the existing Baca Grande Library and your wish to see a new Crestone-Baca Grande Library in town, and want to thank the community for your excitement and participation in so many steps along our path so far.

Lastly, the NSCLD would like to thank the owner of the property we plan to purchase. Karen Kenney has been supportive of the vision for the property, and has been hugely cooperative all along the way.

The preliminary design of the library is well under way, and we look forward to sharing this exciting vision with the community in the weeks to come. The architect has devised an innovative log construction system that is based on the remarkably sophisticated structure of the honeycomb. The exterior of the solar-powered building will employ locally appropriate materials including conglomerate stone, rusted steel, and heavy timbers, and will incorporate many of the energy conservation principles that are the hallmark of our area. We can’t wait to show it to you! But . . . there is much work to be done first.

Thank you, again, for your support of your library.