Goodbye, Fred

Dear Community,

On Monday, October 15 our dear friend and supporter, Fred Dugan passed away from complications of pneumonia in Bellevue, WA.  Fred moved to Washington in January of 2012 to be closer to his long term companion Sylvia Hazlerig.  Sylvia had moved there the previous year to be closer to her children.  Both Fred and Sylvia had been long-term residents of Crestone and cherished community members.

Back in 1998 when Neighbors Helping Neighbors was first registered as a Non-profit 501C3, Fred was there to help financially with our first crisis.   After that first event, the organization was non-active for two years.  In the spring of 2000, Fred hosted a meeting at his home with community members interested in revitalizing NHN.  That meeting was the beginning of the organization that the Crestone community has come to rely upon in times of crisis.  Though Fred was never a director on our board, he was an important part of NHN.  His continued support has enabled us to help hundreds of individuals and families.  Fred’s generosity has helped us to become the fine organization that we are today.

Fred’s life has been a shining example of service, generosity and compassion in action.  We love and appreciate all he has done for NHN and the Crestone community!  His compassion and kindness will remain in our memories and hearts forever.

With deep gratitude,

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Board of Directors

Past, Present & Always



Dear Editor,

I hear that Fred, the sidekick of Sylvia and Jim, has died. I am saddened by the news. He was a good and generous man who underwrote the soirées at the Music House for years. He was responsible for much good in this town. I liked and admired him very much. I will miss him.

Marv Mattis


Thank you from Moffat Volunteer Fire Dept.

Dear Editor,

Moffat Volunteer Fire Department would like to thank S&S Country Station owners and staff for all their time and energy dedicated to making the recent benefit concert a great success. A good time was had by all. We would also like to thank Cheap Therapy, 2 Weeks in Fiji, Tedd Brumm, Eli Dokson and all the musicians who donated their time and money to the cause. In addition we thank Chokurei Ranch, Saguache Town Market, Crestone Mercantile, A&L Coors, Valley Meat and the Town of Moffat for all of their gracious donations. To all of you who attended, thanks again for your contribution.  If you were unable to attend, but would like to help fund the equipment and ongoing training the department requires to serve the northern San Luis Valley, donations are gratefully accepted at PO Box 394, Moffat, CO 81143.

Moffat Volunteer Fire Department


The birth of the new

Dear Community,

This year will be my last year as the Director of Crestone Charter School. Since the search for a new school leader will soon be a full-blown community process, it’s good timing for me to make a public statement about my retirement.

June 30, 2013 will conclude my leg of the journey with the amazing Charter School. My decision to move on is based in a deep sense of completeness in the work both accomplished and unaccomplished. It’s time for me to move into Newness. It’s also appropriate for the school to have new leadership for its next phase of growth, having arrived safe and sound at 330 Lime Avenue.

The governing council has posted the job opening in this month’s Eagle. Please share it near and far with all of the educators, leaders, and change-agents in your circles. Help us attract the best-suited candidate to serve as the next director.

It is a constant source of inspiration for me to witness, every single day, the birth of the New as it manifests through the children and the work of their teachers and staff. I just know it will be a good falling in and through Love’s Grace for the next director, too. Here’s beaming out the Heart-Light.

In gratitude,

Kathryn Brady


A stable home alternative for youth

Dear Neighbors,

Thanks to all of you who’ve expressed support for the Crestone Peak Community Alliance Youth Empowerment Solutions (YES!) project. The goal of the project is to empower at-risk youth through stability, security, and support. What we mean by the term “at-risk” refers specifically to youth between the ages of 13-17 who have found themselves at risk of abuse, neglect, homelessness and/or exposure to the risks of becoming victims of predators. We are encouraged by letters of support from Social Services and Mental Health, as well as participation of Armand Peloquin, a teacher experienced with at-risk youth.

Research shows that family re-unification is the optimal goal for youth in crisis.  Nevertheless, some young people, for whatever reason, may not have a safe home to return to.  Rather than short term transitional solutions, we believe that some would benefit from a stable home alternative: a place where they can be safe, secure, and feel that they belong; a place where consistent, supportive adults can help them take advantage of tutoring opportunities, homework assistance, or even home-schooling where appropriate; and finally, practical and positive life skills training that will prepare them for real life challenges.

Through donations and fundraisers we now have $1800 in the bank. In addition, the CYP Board has generously donated their old passenger van and a foosball table!  The vehicle needs a bit of work, (now in process), and we are truly grateful. We have also acquired some furniture: beds, dressers, lamps, etc., a few of the necessaries of making a house a home.

Of course, we still need an actual building! We expressed interest to the owners of the old Crestone Charter School modular, but it appears that the POA does not want to lease us the land. We are open to all practical suggestions, donations, ideas, and participation.  Call Judie Rose at 256-4110 or Safiya Balekian at 256-5356 or email us at: for more information about this project.

Sincerely yours,

Crestone Peak Community Alliance Solutions


Elect both Andersons

Hello Friends,

I support Jason Anderson and Ken Anderson for the positions of County Commissioner.  The Center Post-Dispatch described Jason as being opposed to open commissioner meetings. I was at the forum in Center where Jason suggested live streaming of the meetings so we could tune into them from the comfort of our homes—a wonderful idea.  The candidates were also asked about their position on industrial solar . . . The other candidates’ responses began, “I’m not really sure what industrial solar means, but . . .”  Then Jason spoke explaining: “There are four types of industrial solar which are . . .” and proceeded to give the types and pros and cons of each, reminding us that all energy comes at a cost, but if you are to compare solar to the coal industry there is no comparison. Jason also said that we must protect the aquifer below our feet.  Farmers and ranchers will pay this cost the most dearly, and solar energy provides an alternative opportunity for us to benefit from economically.   Excellent thinking.

Ken Anderson is a third generation farmer and rancher growing alfalfa and grass and raising cattle like his grandparents from Sweden who founded a ranch by Road T—hence the name “Swede’s Corner”.  Ken has served on many agricultural boards and on the Saguache County Planning Commission for many years. He has a good understanding of the complexities of the SC Master Plan process and zoning and agricultural regulations. He believes as Jason does, in Farm to Table and supporting the small organic farmer as well as the conventional corporate farmer. As leader of the SLV Local Foods Coalition, I believe this is our heritage—the right to farm and ranch and for all residents to have access to this good food grown and raised here.

Thank you,

Liza Marron


Cyriacks recommended

Dear Editor:

This letter is on behalf of Lisa Cyriacks for Saguache County Commissioner.

I have had the opportunity to serve as a boardmember with both Lisa Cyriacks (BGW&S) and Jason Anderson (BGPOA).  Although both  are good individuals,  I find Lisa to be more prepared to effectively represent Saguache County as a whole.  Lisa’s work ethic and knowledge are important assests to represent both the Crestone/Baca and the entire county.  She is tenacious in her efforts.

Ms. Cyriacks has prepared herself for a commission seat by service that includes the following:

Vice-Chair of Saguache Co. Democratic Party; Chair of Crestone/Baca Planning Commission; BGPOA Land Use Commissioner; Boardmember, BGW&San Board; POA Board of Directors; County & SLV business development groups; and has assisted in formation of a Library District for northern Saguache.

In conclusion, I highly recommend Ms. Cyriacks for the position of Saguache County Commission and ask for your support.

Charles M. Grant

Former Chair, Saguache County Board of Commissioners


Cyriacks for county commissioner

Dear Editor,

I am writing to encourage people to vote for Lisa Cyriacks for county commissioner. While I have respect for the others running against her, I feel that Lisa brings the skills, integrity and motivation to solve the challenges faced by Saguache County, and is the best choice of the candidates running.

A vote for Lisa is a vote for us. Thank you for your consideration,

Will Porter


Important quality, respect; vote for Jason Anderson

Dear Editor,

Jason Anderson is my choice for the Saguache County Commissioner’s seat. I first met Jason when he came to my apartment to fix a plumbing problem. I was delighted with his warm personality and strong listening skills.

Those same qualities come across when he is speaking on campaign. Jason is a good role model for our Washington politicians. He knows the issues and will serve the needs of the people. He refrains from “picking on” his opponents. In his own words, “I will not go for polarization.” We need that example for our children, especially.

Respect for everyone is an important quality for leaders to bring to a community. A vote for Jason Anderson is a vote for forward movement in the environment and peaceful negotiations through conflicts.

Sarah Tiers


5 reasons to vote for Jason Anderson

Dear Friends,

A group of committed local citizens encourage you to vote for Jason Anderson for Saguache County Commissioner of District 1.  Please give us this opportunity to tell you why he is the right candidate for Saguache County.  Jason is a married father with two beautiful young sons. He and his wife, Angela, a native of the San Luis Valley, own and operate their own solar business. This young family fully understands both the challenges and joys of making Saguache County their home.

These are the 5 biggest reasons we support him :

#1 Good listener and team player—He has a unique style of listening to each person’s point of view, excellent mediation skills, and a level headed and methodical approach to situations. He is a team player, focused on practical results, a hard worker, and not afraid of going the extra mile.

#2 Integrity—He has run a solar business here for over 10 years with a sterling reputation. He tackles tough questions with solid answers. He finds common ground with residents from Crestone, ranchers in Saguache, potato farmers from Center, and hunters and fisherman of the rural community.

#3 Understands people—He understands that there are many challenges here but that there are many opportunities as well and is optimistic for the future. Jason wants to move forward together with a diverse and thriving economy, efficiency in the government, and the preservation of the rural way of life.

#4 The right skills for the job—Jason understands that we need economic development to sustain local families and bring needed revenue to established businessesl. We can count on Jason to make the right decisions for our protection!  Our valley has been targeted as a prime location for solar projects and his experience is vast in this field.

#5 Cares about our future—He has roots in our valley. He built his own house, gardens and hikes our mountains. His kids go to school here. He is deeply committed to our county.

We, the supporters of this campaign are also pleased to announce that US Senator Mark Udall has endorsed Jason Anderson for county commissioner!

Submitted by Angela M. Anderson


Remember, it’s about service!

Dear Editor,

I’m Lisa Cyriacks, and I want your vote on November 6 for Saguache County Commissioner.

As an Unaffiliated candidate I will manage the affairs of Saguache County, setting aside special and partisan interests in favor of what serves all of us.

I am interested in creating a healthy and stable economy for the citizens of Saguache County to conduct commerce; to make, save and invest their money, and to achieve their financial goals.

I have the expertise of working with small businesses, government and nonprofits. I have my background as an entrepreneur. And I have connections within the business community statewide to give Saguache County access to the resources to grow economically and to fit into the emerging regional economic framework.

The reality is that if we value our communities and our lifestyle in Saguache County, we need to improve our economic status.

Having a government that follows good business practices, complies with the requirements of statutes, and is more responsive to residents will encourage small businesses to locate in Saguache County.

As your county commissioner I will pledge to fight for local interests, to work to create a healthy stable economy, and to provide strong, competent leadership.

Our success as a rural county will be the result of working together.

Please encourage your family & friends to vote in this important election.

Thank you,

Lisa Cyriacks


Vote for Cyriacks

Dear Editor:

I have known Lisa Cyriacks for a long time and she has proven herself to be someone who would do a good job as county commissioner. She is honest, caring, and will work for the people. I have never known her to do less than that.

During the time I have known her she has made a lot of friends. She has worked very hard for this election and has gone through a lot. She believes in fairness and honesty in elections and has proven she is willing to do what it takes to see that the vote of the people counts.

Lisa is the best possible candidate anyone could vote for, and I support her.

Al King

Saguache (former Sheriff of Saguache County)


Comment to the  ‘Commentary’ of Oct.

Dear Editor,

The Earth’s surface is a grossly mismanaged resource—a subject of a war (fought with weapons, trade, laws, magic—any means whatsoever) that humankind has been engaged in ever since humans expanding over the planet started meeting humans coming from the opposite direction. The victims are humans and the environment with other species.

Unless this war is stopped altogether, no superficial remedies will provide any lasting relief in which humans and others would actually live “at home”.

More in “Home: The Very ‘Leverage Point’”—, and in “Designing a Lasting World Peace Together”—

Thank you,

Jan Hearthstone