Thank you

Dear Editor,

Thank you to all of you who took part in the end of life process for our friend Harriet Johns, a deep bow of gratitude to the Crestone End of Life Project for the immensely important work they are doing, to all of you who traveled from far away to be here to celebrate Harriet’s life, and to our awesome community who showed up to honor the passing of this remarkable woman. Thanks to all of her caregivers over the years, especially Judy Gilbert, Bill Sutherland, Bill Ellzey, Anne Silver, Judith Oakland, and Barbara Barnett for their continued support and love for Harriet. May we all be so blessed to have this kind of love and support as we live into our final years.

Jillian Klarl Ellzey

Texting while driving is a crime!

Dear Editor,

And ignorance of the law is no excuse. So, here’s the law . . .

In Colorado “ALL drivers are prohibited from texting while driving.”

It is a misdemeanor if you are ticketed and the fines range from $50 to $100.  If you were in Alaska and involved in an accident that caused injury or death, the “distracted driver” would be charged with a felony.

In my opinion, the consequences should be increased to the point of pain!

Our San Luis Valley is all about long, straight stretches of two lane highway. Drivers here routinely speed and use cell phones, even big rigs.  If you’ve ever lost control of your car doing 70-75mph for just an instant you know how easy it would be to wind up in big trouble.

The addiction to constant communication creates constant distraction, putting you and others at risk. If you believe your so-important life’s dialogue must be continued as you travel,  pull over.

June Savage

Macaulay cabal

Dear Editor,

In response to Martin Macaulay’s attack on me (October 2014 Eagle): Martin and I agree on a couple things.  We both prefer, though for different reasons, that I not be elected to the POA board.  We both use words as our tools—though in different ways for different purposes.  As a former professor of geography who has written many scientific papers for scholarly journals, I use words to educate; to discover and share truth.  I follow Jefferson’s view that democracy only works when citizens are informed.  Hence, please visit my websites (,, and and read some of my many articles posted there.  In contrast, Martin uses words to smear, intimidate, inflame, manipulate, mislead, and scare . . . presumably in order to control, and perhaps, to fulfill unspecified political/intelligence agendas.  This Scottish fellow already sits on our Water and Sanitation District Board.  Why does he also presume to tell us how to vote in our POA election?  And of the five candidates running, why does he single me out for attack?

My sense is that our POA and other local political bodies in Saguache County are either controlled by or else are relentlessly opposed by Martin Macaulay and his “team”/”cabal.”  This group obstructs and manipulates our politics using an “anything goes” modus operandi.  His letter is a case in point.  It combines propaganda tactics of both the extreme right and extreme left; that is, respectively, applying the “politics of personal destruction” and censoring opposing views via enforcing  “political correctness.”  Our national politics have been hampered by similar operatives: Karl Rove (Bush’s Brain); Reagan’s attack dog, Roger Ailes (“I have two speeds: attack and destroy”); and Nixon’s dirty tricks specialist, Donald Segretti.  Do these kinds of Machiavellian tactics have a place in a spiritual community?  Buddhists teach: “The means are the ends.”  Clearly, when all positive values are sacrificed so that the few can control the many, we are reduced to the law of the jungle (“might makes right”).  If elected, then, I will try to serve the interests of the larger POA membership and restore a sense of fairness, civility, rationality, and professionalism to our POA.    

In a sense, Martin and I have a de facto wager going.  He is betting, with history as his guide, that people can be cajoled, manipulated, fooled, and intimidated by propaganda and thereby subjugated by a determined, coordinated minority.  As an American patriot who understands that “necessity is the mother of invention,” I am betting that citizens here will wake up and take back our “company town” from those who presume to control our destiny.

Dr. Eric Karlstrom

Vote Brooks, Lakish & Theriault for POA

Dear Crestone Community:

This November’s POA election is a very crucial one to get our community back to cooperation, trust and transparency.  It is very hard to follow all of the local issues, but one that has become very clear is that we need a majority of lot owners to vote for a new board of directors.  Please make Sugandha Brooks, Matie Belle Lakish and Joanna Theriault your choices.

If the Baca Grande Fire Department and emergency responders are important to you then you should pay attention to this election.  Last November’s POA election was the final straw that resulted in 19 of the 21 Baca Fire Department’s volunteers resigning.  We would have been forced to work and volunteer under the same people who were filing frivilous lawsuits against the other board members, were distributing incorrect information about emergency services and created an atmosphere of hostility within the organization.

In addition, each one of us who was an employee of the POA fire mitigation crew resigned from these positions.  This was the group of people who were on call each day and ready to respond to fires and other emergencies.  When a crew of people who have volunteered for 5, 10 and up to 15 years together resign as cohesive group, there is a serious problem in the community that needs to be addressed.  It takes years to adequately train and develop a crew of volunteers who can protect this community in crisis situations and develop the high levels of communication skills that are necessary in life or death situations.  I am extremely concerned about the current situation at the POA and hope you take the time to vote.  We need all three seats to make a difference!

For more information on this election, please visit

Lisa Bodey

In the spirit of community

Dear Editor,

As the POA election date of November 5 draws near we just want the community, both near and far, to know that we are still energetically, enthusiastically and wholeheartedly pursuing our goal of being members of the next POA board.

In that spirit, we want the community to also know that we are having “office hours” every Thursday morning from 11-12 at Cloud Station.  At first we thought we were doing this for the campaign, and then we said to ourselves “what a good idea!—let’s keep this going, assuming we are elected.”  It is a good time to connect with our constituents (our friends and neighbors) about the matters they care about.  We invite all to come and have a latte (or drink of your choice) with us.

In loving service,

Sugandha Brooks

Joanna Theriault

Cox for assessor

To the Editor:

I want to endorse Janet Nelson-Cox for the office of Saguache County Assessor. She has shown that she has the ability, desire and leadership skills to be Saguache County’s next assessor. She completed her education at the University of Colorado, Denver campus, getting her Bachelor of Science degree in business management with an emphasis in marketing. She has years of experience in the private sector in various small businesses and volunteering in numerous organizations. Since deciding to run for the county assessor office, she has increased her knowledge about the assessor’s office requirements, understanding Colorado state laws as they relate to the tax issues within the county, and has the enthusiasm to make an outstanding assessor.

Janet understands the importance of ensuring the county tax records are accurate and up to date. She is honest, reliable, and willing to work the long hours needed for the position. I believe Janet is the candidate best qualified to be our next Saguache County Assessor.


Wyoma Hansen

Assessor endorsement

Dear Editor,

I would like to take this opportunity to endorse Janet Nelson-Cox for Saguache County Assessor. I believe there are two good people running for the office of assessor. However, I feel the assessor’s office needs a new environment and a totally fresh approach to property assessments. Janet will bring new and fresh ideas to the position and be responsive to the concerns of all Saguache County citizens. I have come to know Janet as someone who is committed to simply doing the right thing regardless of what she is involved in and she would certainly bring that commitment to the assessor’s position. Janet is a hard worker; she is a leader, she is non-partisan and will demand full participation from her staff. Please join me and cast your vote for Janet Nelson-Cox; Saguache County Assessor.

Mike Cowan, Saguache

Here’s some lost revenue!

Dear Editor,

If anyone is interested in doing a little research, I believe there’s a story here.

There’s the canal that starts south of CO Rd. N and Hwy 17. If you follow that canal, it runs past San Luis Lake. In fact, on the N/W side of the lake, there’s a lateral that would allow that canal to fill that lake. If you continue to follow that canal, it runs south all the way down to a point where it just dumps into the Rio Grande River.  What?

Why doesn’t that canal feed San Luis Lake?

How hard would it be to install another lateral at the south end of the lake? Let the lake fill up then overflow into the new lateral on the south end—back into the existing canal—then, continue down its current destination to the Rio!

This would allow for continuous filtering of the lake. It would also bring revenue back to the valley. That was an ancient lake man! What the hell?

To say that the reason the lake doesn’t have water in it is because of the lack of snow pack is ridiculous. The canal to nowhere is right next to it. I suggest that you look at Google Earth for yourselves. I suggest everyone in the valley look for themselves! Follow the canal from beginning to end.

Come on! There’s no excuse for that lake being dry. What a waste of a recreational spot!

Like I said, this was an ancient lake.

Then comes Man to drain it and then blame it on the lack of rain & snow when there’s a water source running right next to it—going nowhere!  How dumb is that?

That used to be a beautiful lake—now it’s an embarrassment in the valley.

Thomas Buckley

Reverence of cooperation

Dear Editor,

I feel a reverence for life safety is important, that taking a moment to pause, to acknowledge the opportunity wake up to a new day (gift) is crucial.  We are in a world wide revolution!

So, I’d like to take this time to thank the Baca Grande volunteer firefighters for stepping up, and serving their community in a time of need. They have consistently trained and responded to the 911 calls for help.  I proudly served on the Baca FD for 11 years.

I currently serve with the Crestone Fire Department as a senior member. The Crestone Fire Department currently has five volunteers, but we would love some new members. Anyone who is interested in serving their community and learning fire science is welcome to contact me, or other members for more information and/or an application to join. There is a background check required and a brief questionnaire to find out if you are eligible.  Call the Northern Saguache County Fire Protection Dist., 719-655-2826, at Saguache Fire Station for more info.

I believe that the Crestone and Baca fire departments are adequately staffed at this time to respond to basic calls; however we are a lot shorter-staffed than we were at this time last year.  Again, a great thank you to all the volunteers of our community.  A reverence of cooperation for our community is appreciated.

In addition: Time for a carbon monoxide reminder! CO gas can kill fast.  An alarm only costs $15- $50 and they have saved at least two Crestone folks.  Install one and test monthly.  Replace batteries yearly.  Replace units if dirty or every 7 years.

With love,

Nathan Good

Classes postponed

Dear Readers,

Applied Kinesiology and Seitai Shiatsu classes have been postponed until next summer while I go through two long awaited surgeries/rehab/total body wellness with the aid of many local healers.  Also, Hope’s Castle will receive a face lift of a coat of paint and tile down and up, with finish work having waited more than 15 years.  Patience is a virtue—I appreciate your kind words, healing touch, and many prayers.

Grace Russell, ICMT

Anderson holds office hours in Crestone

As your Saguache County Commissioner from District 1 (Baca/Crestone) I will hold office hours in the town of Crestone at the Painted sky/Farm Table building on the NE corner of E. Galena Ave. and Alder St. (121 E. Galena) on the second and fourth Mondays of the month. Office hours will be 8am to noon on the second Monday, and 3 to 7pm on the fourth Monday to try and accommodate those who work all day. Please feel free to drop by and chat.

Jason Anderson