Sincere appreciation

Dear Crestone Eagle,

On July 31 I spent my last day at my office as the Baca/Crestone Ambulance Administrator.  It was a day filled with emotions.  For the past sixteen years this had been my life and I have been incredibly fortunate to work with the most capable and kind physicians, a diverse number of POA Board members, the absolute finest EMS crew-members in the state, and patients who humbled and taught me valuable life lessons.  I am thankful and indebted to them all.

I realize there are people in the community who wished for a grand send off.  But, even on a good day I am uncomfortable in large groups and being in a large group while being an emotional wreck was just not something I could manage. I opted for a “staff party” just like we have done for birthdays and holidays.  I was with my crew and the POA office staff I worked with every day.  It was sad and wonderful all at once and will never be able to convey how much I appreciate you all!

The Eagle also had a brief mention of my impending retirement in the July issue with the suggestion that some might want to email or write a personal note in appreciation of my service. I was overwhelmed by the response of kindness and sincere gratitude in those messages.  This is a fabulous community.  My sincere thanks to each of you!

Finally to Chris Botz . . . Wow!  I was not expecting such an eloquent and heartfelt article.  I was genuinely touched by your kind words.

In closing I want to introduce my more capable replacement, Darrick Garcia.  Many of you may have met him at the Crestone Music Festival.  I believe he will find this place as extraordinary and supportive as we all have.

In sincere appreciation,

Pam Gripp

Neighbors Helping Neighbors gives thanks

Dear Editor.

We give thanks for the county commissioners who have given NHN a recent grant so that we can continue to help our neighbors in crisis, especially as winter approaches and needs become greater.

We give thanks for our Crestone community of “givers” who helped make the Telluride Mountainfilm Festival a huge success by attending, buying food and silent auction items. We give thanks to all our volunteers and donors of food and items for the silent auction.  We give thanks to Benjamin and Michelle for donating a portion of the proceeds from an amazing concert at the Cloud.

We’ll give thanks together Nov. 22 at our NHN Community Potluck Thanksgiving Dinner at the Crestone Charter School, 12:30-4:30pm. Please call Judie Rose, 256-4110, if you can bake and bring a turkey.

We try to think of fun ways for you to give NHN money and we do our very best to be good stewards of your financial gifts, sending it all right back to help others in a crisis situation. Donations are always appreciated and may be sent to NHN, Box 822, Crestone, CO 81131.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors Board

Living Well thank you

To the Editor:

The Board Members of Living Well Crestone wish to thank the Saguache County Commissioners for the Sales Tax Grant awarded to perform a feasibility study for a mileage-reimbursed ride share program for the Crestone community. The project will commence on February 1, and run for 8 weeks, with the object of collecting data to determine whether a permanent program is sustainable at this time.

In mid-January, a brochure outlining the program and how it works will be mailed to all Crestone Post Office boxholders, and additional brochures will be available at several locations around town for those without PO box access.

Thank you to all who have worked on this project and those who supported the grant! Special thanks to Marta Shoman and John Loll for their hard work.


Carol Anne Robinson, President

Margot Williams, Secretary

Carrie Allen, Media Specialist

Thank you Kairina

Dear Editor,

I just want to send out a warm heartfelt thank you to the Mayor of Crestone, Kairina Dansforth. She has worked tirelessly to rejuvenate our town in so many ways. Her foresight as to what is possible has helped me see the potential and talent that is Crestone, Colorado.

Her visionary leadership has allowed me to meet the many talented world class artists in this community and I am amazed at the talent living in our community.

Art is what gives humanity joy and delight and our Mayor has spent a lot of time and effort introducing us to the dance, photographic, videography, painting, sculpture, written word, music and so much more. Even the plants sing in Crestone with Peter May as the orchestra leader. I personally am proud of my community.

Kairina thank you for your vision, leadership and service to the Town of Crestone and surrounding area.

Keep up the good work.

Don Gifford

Crestone Creamery

Spay/neuter thanks

Dear Editor,

I am the president of CatsAlive!slv, a non-profit formed to assist with feline spay/neuter in the San Luis Valley. On Saturday, October 17 we held a spay/neuter clinic at the Baca Grande POA Hall and fixed 41 cats and kittens for free with grant funding from the Bates Foundation and Trust. I wanted to thank all the participants that took advantage of this great opportunity and share appreciation for the number of individuals that made this event a  success. First and foremost Dr. Linda Behrns was instrumental in securing the location and assisted directly with the clinic (thank you Janet Berger for putting us in touch!). Judie Rose at the Rainbow B&B and Elaine Johnson/Bob’s Cafe were fabulously supportive and we extend a special thanks to the vets that provided their surgical expertise: Dr. Greg Kettering and Dr. Annie Schultz. They were assisted by vet techs, Kristen, Ana and Rachel to keep the clinic running smoothly. We hope to return to the area or perhaps Saguache next year to do it again.

Thank you Crestone!

Michele Wayland