Thank you for the school

Dear Taxpayers,

Thank you for helping us get the new school. I am Andre Corleone Claudio, a freshman in the new school, and I’ve got to say it is very cool inside. There are several differences between the two schools. The new school is safer, nicer, taller, and has more windows. Thank you for upgrading our classrooms. They’re much bigger than the old school’s. Although I liked the old gym, the new one is better. Also, the library is bigger and nicer and has a lot more books.

Some of my favorite areas are the commons area, the cafeteria and stage. The commons area is my favorite because it is bigger and better. It is a lot more spacious for more activities. I also really like the gym and weight room. I like working out, and there’s more room for the possibility of dual practices. Also, I like how the high school and middle school are both upstairs.

Even though it is still a work in progress, I can’t wait for the building to be finished. We will have an outdoor basketball court, a track, and a football field. Thank you for the football field! I can’t wait to use it for after-school programming. There will be televisions in the hallways that we will use for announcements.

It is great to have a new school. I appreciate our community for changing our futures. Thank you for believing in us.


Andre Corleone

Energy Fair thank you

Dear Editor,

A big thank you to Nick and Alycia Chambers, Nathan Goode, the Crestone Charter School, musicians in the park, home tour host, presenters, building demonstrators and finally the Collective Bio-Diesel Conference.  You made this one of the best years yet for the Crestone Energy Fair.  The event continues to grow and next year will be no exception.  We have big plans for 2016 and we will need a bit more help to bring it to fruition.  If you would like to be a part of the event, please contact Donovan at 303-868-6352 or join the Facebook group “Crestone Energy Fair”.  We start the planning process in January.

Donovan Spitzman

Thanks for the solar workshop

Dear Editor,

I would like to thank the Saguache County Commissioners and Jason Anderson for funding with a grant the Crestone Solar School workshop for our local residents.

I came away with a wealth of knowledge of how solar applications can be applied.

Paul Shippee did an excellent job in sharing his expertise in the solar field. He was able to meet various levels of learning with ease.

The hometours were very educational and it was generous of the homeowners to allow us to tour their homes and see a variety of solar applications.

I am hopeful that this workshop will be funded again, so that more local residents would be able to participate. I found the solar workshop to be very worthwhile and would highly recommend it.

Thank you again, County Commissioners and Jason Anderson for having the insight to offer this class to better our community in a productive manner. You are appreciated.


Cathy Jo Winter Claudio

Items taken from your library stops the sharing

Dear Editor,

Although a version of this letter was published nearly two years ago, we feel that it has become necessary to repeat it.  Baca Grande Library has been a valuable asset in our community for forty years.  The majority of community residents are library patrons and regularly come in to check out books, videos,  magazines, use our computers and their laptops with free WiFi, or just sit in a comfortable chair and read. Since we became part of a union catalog three years ago, library members can easily access the holdings of over 100 other libraries across Colorado to find the items they want.  The value of this system is that we are able to share resources, quite a great benefit in a small, isolated area such as ours.

Libraries are all about sharing items so that many people can take advantage of them—for free!  We have recently discovered that a number of our popular Colorado resource books are missing, a number of them expensive and difficult/impossible to replace.  They include Colorado plants (i.e. Weeds of the West) and high altitude gardening, Colorado birds and animals, minerals, and hiking trails and maps, among others. All library items are clearly marked with library barcodes, numbers, date due slips and stamps, so if you spot any of them, please bring them in. Just a note—we have a drop slot at the front door, and items can be returned after hours if you have a change of heart.  Remember, our library is based on the honor system, and our lives should be as well.

Suzanne McGregor, Barry Monroe and Sandia Belgrade

No Arctic oil

Dear President Obama,

I’ve worked in solar energy applications for 40 years, including teaching, educating, installing & designing solar homes, consulting, etc.—all the time hoping the governments would get behind solar and help make the transition to a fossil fuel-free world.

Why not join Pope Francis and the growing divestment movement to help the world become more conscious of the value of connecting with the natural world and use today’s sun today. We will all love you for “keeping it in the ground!”

I live in the southern Colorado Rocky Mountains and on September 11, 12 and 13 offered a free solar workshop to residents of Saguache County funded by a County Sales Tax Grant Award. This is local government helping spread the word about how to be kind to nature and planet Earth, our home. The Indians will tell you, “You can’t eat money,” so please do your part to shut down the Arctic exploration. We don’t need the oil!

Paul Shippee

‘Friends’ welcome new board members

Dear Editor,

As Chairperson for the Friends of the Baca Grande Library, I wish to welcome, thank and congratulate the new board members of the FOL.  Dr. David Lee, PhD, Professor of Botany, has graciously accepted the position of Secretary for the Friends.  And, Carol Lee, David’s lovely and talented wife, has also graciously accepted the position of Treasurer.  The Friends wish to thank Carol & David for their genuine and honest interest in supporting the present library facility, while we work to create a new library facility in Crestone.

The new library will be located close to the Charter School and within easy walking distance for all in Crestone.  The Friends also wish to thank all FOL members, visitors and everyone who have expressed interest in creating a viable and new Community Library in Crestone.  We could not ask for more.

Thank you David and Carol, and our Community.

Thom Ontko, Chairperson, Friends of the Baca Grande Library


On Tuesday evening, Sept. 15, my beloved Roxie crossed into the light. Surrounded by the love of her long-time friends Toby, Barbara Maat, Warren Stephens and Desiree Houston, her passing was assisted by the loving and gentle Dr. Linda Behrns, DVM.

Roxie came into my life 13 years ago as one of my first rescues. In truth, however, she rescued me. Together, we rescued over a hundred dogs, some returned to their parents, others to new, forever homes.

Her nurturing spirit made all of us stronger and more loving beings. My constant companion, she guided me constantly and protected me always, placing her life in danger on a night I had my hand on a bear. The second I touched it she flew into the air, knocking me away from the bear and chasing it into the night with Toby right behind her.

Her legacy lives on through the many lives she touched. Through the rescues and the humans she greeted with her soft nuzzles and unconditional love.

And please spay and neuter your pets!

My love forever,

Rebecca Myron

About Mary Coleman

Dearest Crestonians,

I know it was a shock to hear of Mary Colman’s passing. Especially to those who knew her.  And even if you didn’t, you might have been curious about the person who roamed around town in her ceremonial Buddhist nun habits.

Always there with a smile, and a kind word, she was known by many names, Ani, Ani-la, Tenzin, Tenzin-Yeshei, Mary Coleman. She was known for being a dedicated Crestonian, community elder, Buddhist practitioner, film maker, counselor, and friend.

When I first meet this remarkable woman she had come over to introduce herself to the neighborhood. She sat in my house, and we pleasantly exchanged ideas and wishes we wanted to see happen to our community, homes, and the environment in general. She had a love for animals, a healthy respect for the environment, and a spiritual compass to guide her.

I watched over the next 7 years as she poured all of her being-ness, into creating a spiritual center that would bring people together, no matter what tribe, sect or religious background you belonged to or came from. Her dedication and devotion to this non-profit center came from one simple truth . . . “That we all are born with basic goodness.”

She sank every cent she had into creating this monastic open space. She carefully planned out every step. You can read all about it, in her own words, in the August 2015 article of The Crestone Eagle.

Over the years, I had the pleasure of getting to know her, as my neighbor and fellow Buddhist. She asked me to keep a promise, to respectfully take care of her animals, if anything would happen to her. That was six years ago.  And I would never have imagined that anything would go wrong.

To me, she had a compassionate, loving heart, with a calm disposition, and a strong independent mind. A devout nun, dedicated to a vision that was greater than herself.  So when I heard that this powerful woman had died, I was in shock, just like a lot of you, and I went to help . . . and to keep a promise.

I didn’t really know just how big of a promise, that was going to turn out to be . . . One horse, eight goats, five sled dogs, about 25 chickens, and 2 cats, all needing to be fed and watered twice a day. Six years ago when I had made this promise, I was young and strong. Six years later it was taxing, and I was having some troubling knee pains. But everywhere I turned people were willing to help, willing to put their heart out there.

I want to thank everyone in Crestone, for helping me to keep my promise to Mary Coleman, for without your individual help, your Compassion, Diligence, Adoption, and Loving Kindness towards animals; I would not have been able to keep my word.

A large part of my gratitude goes to Steve and Elaine Johnson, who orchestrated and planned her funeral. Perhaps you’re unaware of the fact that Mary had only a few dollars to her name, when she passed. Yet, with all of the friends she had here in Crestone, hers was a very wealthy soul.

Laurie D. Jimenez-Lovelace

Wert D. Fleming

Get screened!

Dear Editor,

In spite of tremendous breakthroughs in diagnosis and treatment, breast cancer remains the most common cancer, and the second leading cause of cancer death, for women in the U.S.

With more than 230,000 new cases of invasive breast cancer and more than 40,000 deaths nationwide last year alone, it is imperative for every woman to know what