Saguache, Colorado – Clerk and Recorder Carla Gomez announced today that the county’s mail ballot vendor incorrectly mailed Democratic ballots to some Republican voters.    This mistake was discovered in the last few days and appears to affect approximately ten or fewer voters.

The Saguache County Elections Department is working to rectify this situation as quickly as possible. Please contact the Elections Department at (719) 655-2512 immediately if you received a Primary Election ballot for a party other than the one with which you are affiliated.  The Elections Department will void the incorrect party ballot and send you the correct ballot based on your party affiliation.

Processes are in place for election judges to verify that each voter returns the ballot that he or she is eligible to vote.  The ballot verification will be performed in a way that preserves each voter’s anonymity.  The Elections Department will contact voters who unwittingly returned the incorrect ballot style to afford them the opportunity to obtain and cast their party’s ballot.

Clerk Gomez apologizes for the inconvenience and assures Saguache County voters that this mistake will not affect the integrity of the 2014 Primary Election.