Passing the buck

Small things can make a big difference in how we all survive here. Economics are local and sustainabilty isn’t just about growing our own food—it’s about sustaining our communities during these times of “recession.”

The other day several advertisers paid their bills. I made a deposit at the credit union and paid Will to make iron frames for my Eagle signs. Will picked up some groceries at Curt’s. An employee at Curt’s rented some movies at Black Bear and paid her rent. Her landlord had lunch with friends at the Harvest—the Harvest donated certificates for a Neighbors Helping Neighbors benefit whose recipient bought a load of firewood. The guy selling firewood had a beer at the Palace and saw a massage therapist for his over-worked back. The therapist went to Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart sent the money off to China and it was never seen again.

(See Rick Wertz letter)

Seriously though, I had a friend stop by who’s been out of work for awhile and they have no idea how they’ll make it through December—let alone the winter. Our community has been so wonderful in supporting all the good causes that need donations. Bless you. And we also need to keep the jobs we have, and hopefully make some new ones.

As we head into the deep winter and we watch the world around us shift and change we realize that we are in transition—in the underworld being rearranged. Our strength will come from simplicity, community, from really being aware of how we live our lives—being aware of what others are going through and reaching out to lend a hand.

Let’s celebrate our inter connectedness this winter—and stay warm & healthy. Thank you for your support of The Crestone Eagle (subscriptions make great gifts!).

With Blessings at Solstice,