The Crestone Eagle, November 2002:

by Matie Belle Lakish


Crestonians gathered on October 26 in solidarity with people around the world seeking a peaceful alternative to the rumblings of war. The Prayerful Peace Walk drew many residents wishing to add a face and a prayer to a growing protest of a unilateral preemptive strike against Iraq by the United States. Planned demonstrations in Washington D.C. and San Francisco were mirrored in burgs from Springfield, Missouri to Tokyo, Japan.

Locally, folks in their eighties were joined by Crestone’s four youngest residents and their parents, as well as about 70 others. Beginning with prayers and a tribute to Senator Paul Wellstone, protestors walked between the Crestone Town Park and the Crestone Park in the Baca. A banner designed by Karen Acker proclaimed “Let There Be Peace on Earth”, while songs and chants sent a similar message to the many sympathetic passersby. The event closed with prayers, songs, and drums in the park by the firehouse, just as welcome rain began to fall.