The Crestone Eagle • November, 2020

Pickleball play comes to the Baca Grande

by Robert Wall

In the September 2019 issue of The Crestone Eagle, the first Pickleball event in the Baca Grande was announced to happen on September 21, 2019, as an introduction to the fastest-rising sport in America. The Baca Grande POA offered the two existing tennis courts as the stage for this event—a pickleball clinic—as an experiment to gauge the level of interest in the community for pickleball play.  Two volunteer residents measured, marked, and taped off two temporary pickleball courts on one of the two tennis courts.  Nets, balls, paddles, and instructions were supplied for whomever showed up that Saturday morning.

The response to that article was noteworthy; a dozen or so enthusiasts came out to learn and play. Enthusiasm was also expressed by way of emails and testimonies from around the Baca Grande and Crestone that conveyed widespread interest in the project.  Many of those that attended the introductory clinic said that when the word gets out that the Baca Grande has pickleball courts, this is going to grow into something that will likely need some kind of organization as it has in towns that surround Crestone and that also share court space with tennis players.

The nearest pickleball courts to Crestone used to be in Salida. Now, the Baca Grande has four new permanent-painted pickleball courts that share space on top of one of the existing two tennis courts. So, you can just show up with a pickleball net, paddles, and balls and have fun. As before, the now-multi-use racquet-sport facility is open to all Baca Grande POA members and their guests. With the possible increased use of the facility, please be mindful that these are a shared resource, so try to schedule play accordingly.

Finally, a note of sincere thanks to the Baca Grande POA Board of Directors and Executive Director for their patience, support, and funding of this project from the very beginning. Also, my gratitude goes out to the several volunteers who came out to help with the layout, taping, and line-painting of the four new pickleball courts over three days.  And a special shoutout goes to the Baca Grande tennis-player representatives for their cooperation throughout this project.  As a result, the entire tennis facility has been given a new “facelift” with the surface-crack repairs and newly painted lines. Come out, have a look, and play pickleball!

Please contact Robert Wall at for any questions or comments.