by Alison McClure
POA Community Manager

Dear Community Members,
The Baca Grande POA Maintenance Department will be spot spraying for White Top/Hoary Cress (depending upon the weather conditions) on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday (September 11, 12 or 13, 2012).  Signs were posted in these areas on Friday, September 7.  The signs will be removed when the spraying is completed.    Areas to be sprayed are:
1.    Around the lake at Casita Park
2.    Casita Park Playground
3.    Baca/Crestone Ambulance Barn
4.    Challenger Golf Course
5.    Perimeter and parking area around the Ball Field (not on the soccer field)
These areas are to be spot sprayed, the entire area is not being sprayed, just where the White Top/Hoary Cress is located.  White Top/Hoary Cress is on the Colorado Department of Agriculture List B weed species.  List B species are the species in which the Commissioner, in consultation with the state noxious weed advisory committee, local governments, and other interested parties, develops and implements state noxious weed management plans designed to stop the continued spread of these species.

The spot spraying will be done in the early morning hours.  The herbicides being used are Dow AgroSciences Milestone and BASF Plateau.  Please do not utilize these areas for 24 hours after spraying has been completed.  The Baca Grande POA is doing their part to abide by the State of Colorado mandated Noxious Weed Management Program.  Please call the POA office at 719-256-4171 if you have further questions