By Mary Lowers
Late in the afternoon of May 2 Saguache County Sheriffs raided an illegal pot grow east of Wagon Wheel Road in the Baca Grande subdivision. According to Deputy Wayne Clark, 196 plants were confiscated and twelve were left as they would have been what the house owners could grow legally. The plants were fully mature and ready to trim. Deputy Clark told me he executed the arrest warrant based on information given him during the recent and continuing warrant sweep in Saguache County.
After receiving the tip about the grow SCSO made sure it was not a legal medical or recreational operation by checking with state authorities and with Wendi Maez who processes legal grows for the Sagauche County Land Use Department to make sure paperwork for this grow was not in process in the county. Deputy Clark said that the operation “was legal last year and thought the SCSO was too busy to pay attention” this year.
The owner of the property a Mr. Corino was out-of-town when the sheriff’s came onto the property with a warrant yesterday. There were a total of 206 plants. “A photo was taken of each plant and if it is illegal we destroy it.” Deputy Clark told me, “there are a few more possible illegal grows we are currently investigating.” As Marijuana Code Enforcement Officer, Deputy Clark encourages growers to go into the County Land Use Office and get legal, without the proper permits you will get busted.