CRESTONE, Colo. – Weather permitting, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will conduct prescribed burns on the Baca National Wildlife Refuge during the period of March 25 through April 21, 2014.  Specifically, areas of the refuge along Upper Deadman Creek and Willow Creek have burn prescriptions in place for spring burning to contribute towards fuels reduction and wildlife habitat improvement.  The burns will be conducted by professional fire personnel from the San Luis Valley Interagency fire management team.  Exact burn dates will depend on weather conditions and other prescription requirements.

Neighbors and towns adjacent to the refuge should be aware of large plumes of smoke temporarily generated as a result of the prescribed burning, and that some burn units have the potential to smolder for several days.  All burns will be monitored until they are declared completely out.  Signs will be posted along nearest major roads including Saguache County Rd. T and Colorado State Highway 17.  Any neighbors or individuals that may require special consideration or assistance in the event that unplanned smoke issues arise are encouraged to call Refuge Manager, Ron Garcia at (719) 256-5527.

For additional information, contact the Baca National Wildlife Refuge at (719) 256-5527.