Unofficial primary election results for Saguache County and State Senate District 35 are:

District 1:

Jason Anderson (D) 449

Matie Bell Lakish (D) 256

Joseph Sisneros (R) 183

District 2:

Kenneth Anderson (D) 311

Lynn Thompson (D) 309

Rock Finley (R) 204

In Saguache County the vote for State Senate District 35 was Crestina Martinez 511, Armando Valdez 105.  The unofficial total for District 35 was Crestina Martinez with 62.4% of the votes at 7,134.  Armando Valdez with 37.5% with 4,283 votes.

Saguache County will also do a hand count of the ballots on Wednesday, June 27.  July 5 is the deadline for provisional ballots (ballots needing signatures, overseas ballots, etc.)  In a such a close race as between Ken Anderson and Lynn Thompson, the final vote won’t be determined until the provisional ballots are counted. Official results will be given July 6 when the Canvas Board meets.

Updated information on the hand count and Canvass Board results will be posted online.

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