The Crestone Eagle, February 2008:

Record cold!

by Keno

Record-shattering temperatures hit the greater Crestone area and the entire state on Thursday morning, January 17. Temperatures plummeted to well below zero across all of the area as the record cold snap, that started back on December 11, continued with no relief in sight.

The official low temperature in Crestone for that morning was -20°, recorded at the Baca Grande Chalets I Weather Station, breaking the record low for the day. The day’s high would only reach 10°, breaking another record for the lowest high temp for the date. “We’ve had record breaking temperatures all over,” noted meteorologist Randy Grey.

Some other readings from the area were: -12° above the town of Crestone at 8140 ft; -19° in downtown Crestone; -25° out in the Grants, -26° by the Sand Dunes; -27° in Moffat, and -28° at T Road and County Rd 66 … some readings from the Valley included -31° at Monte Vista and -32° at Alamosa. The wind made it feel even colder—with wind chill readings from -25° to -35° in some spots around town.

Another record low for the date was reached the following morning with a reading of -16°, with the Crestone Charter School reporting even colder at -21°. “Well, it is the dead of winter,” noted Linda Cohen, who was visiting town from nearby Salida, “But this is getting ridiculous!”

Many locals were proactive in protecting their water pipes from freezing by letting the water in their bathrooms and kitchens sinks drip, but several who didn’t found frozen and, in some cases, damaged pipes to deal with come morning.