by Mary Lowers

On Tuesday Jan 10 human remains were excavated and removed from an unmarked grave between Hwy17 and US 285 in Saguache County. Saguache County Deputies assisted Colorado Bureau of Investigation Agents in the excavation and removal of the unidentified human remains. According to SCSO Deputy Wayne Clark, the remains have been transported to Colorado Springs for DNA identification. According to the Center Post Dispatch and local opinion in the area, the remains may be those of Mike Rust, (not confirmed) a mtn bike pioneer in the northern SLV. He disappeared in 2004, while trying to catch robbers who had broken into his home. A bloody gun butt found at the end of Rust’s driveway was identified as his and had his blood on it. His family has kept his case alive and offered a large reward for information in the cold case. More information will be posted as it becomes available. Look for story in Febuary Eagle.