In a special meeting held on Thursday, September 13, Commissioners met to re-visit their decision of the previous week. Rather than a grant of $500,000 plus 25% of forest revenues, or $94,000, the commissioners decided to give the schools all of the SRS funds from 2011. This amount is $789,622.77.

By giving the schools all the monies that had previously been designated for Road and Bridge, the county becomes eligible to receive 100% of the available PILT funds for 2012. Commissioners learned, after extensive consultation with Jarrod Biggs of Department of Local Affairs, that if the county gave all the SRS funds to schools, the county could then receive 100% of the PILT funds. The County’s General Fund is so depleted that they were willing to sacrifice the larger amount of SRS funds in order to qualify for full PILT funding.

The decision, and the consideration that led to it, are very complicated. Details will be forthcoming in the October issue of The Crestone Eagle.