The Crestone Eagle • February, 2021

Saguache County Emergency Manager awarded CO-CEM® certification

The Saguache County Emergency Manager, Dir. Bobby Woelz, has been awarded certification as a professional Colorado Certified Emergency Manager (CO-CEM) issued by the Colorado Emergency Management Association. Dir. Woelz now joins the elite ranks of emergency management leaders who have earned the coveted CO-CEM credential.

This credential provides emergency managers the ability to be recognized for their abilities, it aligns with the International Association of Emergency Managers certification program, and it increases the overall professional standards of the discipline.

The Colorado Emergency Manager certification program is a peer-evaluated program.  The certification process offers 2 levels of certification; “Certified” (the highest certification) and “Associate”.  It measures an applicant’s education, training, work history, experience, and professional contributions.  For the Certified level, applicants must submit a minimum of seven documented “professional contributions” that clearly exceeds the applicant’s responsibilities and duties found in their current job. For example: public speaking, publications, exercise design, incident deployment, leadership or service role, etc.

Dir. Woelz said, “It is a great honor to be awarded this certification by my peers.  I could not have accomplished this without the help from my colleagues at Saguache County, all the other San Luis Valley emergency managers, or without the guidance and support from the Colorado Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management.  My work is not done and we still have a lot to do.  This credential encourages me to work even harder and I will do my best to merit this recognition.”