Tuesday, April 3 8am. No official word from the Saguache County Sheriff yet, but overnight snows of 1” or more and continuing light snowfall and lack of wind indicate that the fire event on San Isabel Creek is nearly over.  Today local firefighters and hot shot crews will be doing mop up work and containing and controlling any smoldering trees.  Firefighters have indicated that even with the light snowfall, it is important to deal with hot spots and smoldering trees and hidden embers, especially along the wooded areas in the creek drainage. There is still a lot of work to be done today to make sure the area is safe. It was earlier reported that around 150 to 200 acres were burned.  Community members served a large dinner to 85 firefighters last night and breakfast to the crews this morning at the POA Hall.  Volunteers will continue to feed the crew through the day with a supper tonight.