by Lisa Cyriacks

Bernie Sanders defeated former Secretary of State and U. S. Senator Hillary Clinton in Colorado’s Democratic presidential caucuses with 59% of the vote.

In Saguache County, Precincts 1 (Saguache) 10 delegates,  and Precinct 5 (Baca Grande) 15 delegates, selected 100 per cent of their delegates for Bernie. Hillary Clinton did not receive the minimum votes to receive any delegates in those precincts.

The remaining precincts reported as follows:

Precinct 3 (Crestone and Casita Park) 3 delegates for Sanders and 1 for Clinton

Precinct 4 (Moffat) 1 delegate for Sanders and 1 for Clinton

Precinct 6 (Center) 5 delegates for Sanders and 4 for Clinton

Precinct 7 (Center) 3 delegates for Sanders and 6 for Clinton

Sanders won 38 pledged delegates in Colorado and Clinton won 28 delegates.

On the Republican side, there was not an official winner in Colorado because the state GOP did not

take a straw poll votes for president. The Republican National Committee now requires delegates in states with straw polls like Colorado’s to back the straw poll’s overall winner. But the Colorado GOP didn’t want its delegates to be bound to a candidate they didn’t support in case that candidate didn’t make it to the convention.