November 15th and 16th, at the invitation of the Saguache County Clerk, a technician from Election Systems & Solutions along with two representatives from the Colorado Secretary of State’s office reviewed the 2010 Saguache General Election.

The Election was found to be accurate and conducted according to accepted statutory procedures. All ballots were accounted for and tallied. Final unofficial results will be posted on the County website; by Wednesday, Nov. 17th. After the Canvass, the tallies will be official.

The discrepancy in vote tallies from Nov. 2 to Nov. 5 was explained in a report from ES&S technician, Tim King: The cause was loading of their Polling Places (Election Day) into the Mail-in group in replace mode. By replacing the totals in those two precincts, the numbers went down for the group. Other than the one error loading the wrong group totals into the Mail-in group, I did not see any procedural issues in my review of the ERM system log.  My only suggestion is to print the final reports on the 650 itself and use those to verify that the reporting software totals match.

Unofficial  results for local close races:

Linda Joseph – 1204

Steve Carlson – 1178

Melinda Myers – 1227

Carla Gomez – 1166

Center School 3A

Yes – 475

No – 284

Moffat School 3B

Yes – 497

No – 230

Northern SC Library District 5A

Yes – 832

No – 564

Northern SC Ambulance District 5B *

Yes – 472

No – 471

*Automatic recount

The Clerk’s office wish to thank all the staff, judges and volunteer’s who help conduct this successful election.

Melinda Myers

Saguache County Clerk & Recorder