Thank you letter to the community

Dear Editor,

We want to thank the greater Crestone community. We have received tremendous support in our time of incomprehensible loss and are extremely grateful. Everything from positive energy and hugs to food and assistance with sleeping accommodations and so much more have been bestowed upon our family. We would like to thank each of you by name and deed but fear that it would require the entire newspaper. Please know that all contributions, no matter how small, are appreciated. We are fortunate to live in such an amazing community. Thank you all.

The family of Karen Potter

In support of Steve Dossenback for POA

Dear Editor,

This letter is in support of Steve Dossenback in the upcoming POA Board of Directors election.  Not only is Steve professional, experienced, and committed he also listens and is open to hearing all sides.  He understands the challenges that face the community and wants to foster the positive steps for consistency and fairness, and yes, growth, this POA is making.

Suganda Brooks

Dossenback’s a keeper

Fellow Citizens,

Steve Dossenback is running for the POA board this October and I wanted to say a few words about him.  I have had ample opportunity to see Steve in action in his role as EAC (Environmental and Architectural Committee) committee person and I am impressed. He is knowledgeable and considered and genuinely wants to make life better here, including for people who may have different viewpoints than he does. This empathy and desire for inclusiveness is much needed as the animosity and disruptiveness of some board members over the last four years has left our community aching for competent and good-hearted leadership. I hope you’ll give Steve a chance, he is definitely a keeper.


John Rowe

Far & away the best POA candidates

To the Editor,

For once we are spoiled for choice in the upcoming POA Board elections. Who might we vote for? For what it is worth here are my 2 cents:

I believe that Steve Dossenback is far and away the best candidate. He has been a stalwart member of the EAC since 2012, is deeply committed to our POA and the covenants, has been involved both electrically and from the EAC in many of our projects and has been unfailingly fair and positive.Vote Steve Dossenback.

As for the second Board position, Alison McClure is in a unique position, having been the POA Manager. She knows the POA inside and out and brings a wealth of experience to the job. Vote Alison McClure.

Many thanks,

Martin C. Macaulay

Thanks for your support

Dear Editor,

My name is Steve Dossenback.  My wife Jill and I have been members of the POA since 2003.  We moved here in 2008 and began the construction of our off-grid straw bale home.  Our most favorite home.  I have been involved in the building industry since 1979 as a builder, electrician and electrical contractor.  This part of the country and the community here struck my interest when I first came to visit a friend in 2000.  I envisioned being a part of this small mountain community.

I have been a member of the Environmental and Architectural Committee (EAC) since 2012.  I volunteered to be on the EAC to create stability in the Baca Grande POA with regard to property value, the aesthetics of the landscape and solvency of the POA.  I have found it a very challenging and yet rewarding task.  The current board of directors has made great endeavors to address these concerns.

I am running for the board of directors to maintain the positive direction this POA is heading.  I will sustain my commitment as a volunteer for the Baca Grande community and create an environment that is honest, thoughtful and considerate.  I am extremely optimistic for the future of the Baca Grande POA.

If I am elected to the board, I will do my best to preserve property values through the fulfillment of land use covenants, create a healthy and fulfilling work environment for our great POA staff and volunteers, enhance POA amenities, maintain financial stability of the POA and make sure our emergency services and fire department are the best they can be.

Let’s keep this ball rolling.  Thank you for your support in the forthcoming election.

Steve Dossenback

Vote for Strathearn

Dear Editor,

In anticipation of the upcoming election for the Property Owners’ Association (POA) Board of Directors, I would like to endorse the candidacy of my friend and neighbor, Bill Strathearn.

While Bill has extensive work experience in both finance and engineering, it is impressive to consider his volunteer activities, including serving for five years on the board of his local home owners association, thirteen years with the Colorado Division of Wildlife and nineteen years assisting with the restoration of our local narrow gauge Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad.

Since moving to the Baca, Bill and Kathy have joined  Crestone-Baca Village, a volunteer organization providing services to seniors and others in need of assistance.

The POA can be well served by Bill, who will bring experience, maturity and commitment to our community.

Please vote.

Judy DeLuca, former president, NHN, recent board member BW&S

Commentary on July editorials

Dear Editor,

There was much of interest in the August editorial page. One Mr. Mago suggests defining “locals” by what history they can remember. I remember when the page two editorial wished for revolution, so that must make me something. Respectfully, I question the current editorial claim that a progressive Democratic Party is now the most progressive ever, and I note that the Eagle editorial staff seen at the county convention seemed to caucus, like crows perhaps, on the less-revolutionary aisle. Party platform and political intentions are more about energizing the followers than about what’s gonna happen after the election. Obama’s presidency didn’t stop police assassination of people of color, or extended military conflict and wounded returnees. Nor will a Clinton presidency be a silver bullet for women, though she has shown the ability to yodel when her feet are held to the fire.

Pulver’s comments about NATO remind us that a progressive government must have a progressive foreign policy, not the belligerence heard from Ms. Clinton as Secretary of State. America has a long history of propping up despotic regimes, Israel among them. The state of Israel established itself using wanton acts of terror to displace the British and the Palestinians.

Slim Wolfe

A critical moment of truth for Crestone/Baca

Dear Editor,

Issues confront our community that will determine our future. Serious drug problems gnaw at the temptations of our young people like never before . . . leading to social instability and crime. Blight poses a critical threat, due in part to the green rush of legalization.

To counter, we have a new gentrification lobby, striving to make homesteading more challenging if not impossible. The thousand-pound gorillas in the room are the developers/speculators hovering from afar, checkbooks at-the-ready, to unleash untold millions into “ticky tacky” development. They ponder, “Wow, if only we could attract the wealthy crust set 2nd-home-buyers and increase real estate prices, we could build on every single lot in the Baca and make a few hundred million on the deal. Maybe this blight thing is our opportunity to debut a drastic demographic change with the promise of fewer dead cars and art projects in the yards.”

I disagree that our only two choices are blight or wholesale gentrification. We must think outside the box that has been applied to the rest of “developed” America. There are more organic solutions to these challenges than the ones that have recently divided our community into competing factions. We must promote and evolve the alternative homesteading traditions rather than repeal them. We must create jobs, opportunity and affordable housing as our answer to social despair and the cabin fever that drives our young people to self-destruction. We must become again a spiritual oasis for working young people and alternative-minded but less-affluent retirees of the Woodstock generation. I hope our community itself will also stand for these values rather than playing into the propaganda of real estate developers. It is our future at stake. We must imagine it carefully and with creativity rather than from a place of fear.


Alder Lakish

Thanks for CrestFest

Dear Editor,

Give a big thanks to Crestone Performances Inc. (,  the Crestone Energy Fair crew and all involved for an awesome event this last weekend!

Also, thanks to all the Grangers (14) who volunteered at the Grange booths.

We fed over 35 folks in our soup kitchen, educated over 150 people on the new regulation allowing gray water in Colorado, and helped the sustainable mission of the community reach even further. Many out-of-town folks were excited to see what our local Grange is up to here in Crestone.

We, by example, brought awareness to simple cooperation with a spirit of celebration to the festival, thank you Crestone.

Our next meeting will be in September. Does anyone want to host the next meeting? Around 30 folks may attend, and since it’s pot luck you’ll need a kitchen and large room for the roundtable talks.

Also, suggestions for date and time are most welcome. Call, if interested, 256-4768.


Nathan Good

Festival thanks

by Tom Dessain

A big “Thank you” to all who attended, vended, volunteered, cheered, worked, sponsored, played or smiled and swayed at the 18th Annual Crestone Music Festival. Over-all, the festival had a nice mix of musical styles, vendors, food, libations, contests and activities. Festival feedback has been very positive and mishaps were negligible. We’re still sweeping up the settling dust. Stay tuned and check-out the October Eagle for more info.

This would be a good time to step up and become a member. Members get different perks for different levels but they all know they are supporting our community by supporting us. We also listen so if you want to comment, complain, commend, conject or connect, please call 719-256-4533 or email Thanks again to everyone.

We need members!

Please consider becoming a member of Crestone Performances Inc. and help us continue our programs. Those programs are the Crestone Music Festival, our Youth Enrichment Program and our Community Service Program. There are three ways to contribute. First, just make a donation online at and receive a tax deduction. Next would be to become a member and donate annually. Thirdly, my favorite, is to have a monthly withdrawal. It’s totally safe through San Luis Valley Savings and Loan. Even $5 a month would be huge so please consider. There are levels of support that have great perks, including an “All Access Pass” to next year’s festival, so check them out below.

We have five levels of membership

1. Copper Member – $50, receives a Crestone Music Festival Compilation CD.

2. Bronze Member – $150 single/$250 couple, the above plus an invitation to be on the guest list at schools for our Youth Enrichment Programs.

3. Silver Member – $250 single/$350 couple, all above plus a one-day ticket and backstage pass to the Crestone Music Festival.

4. Gold Member – $400 single/$500 couple/family, all of the above plus all access passes to the Crestone Music Festival.

5. Platinum Member – all of the above and the moon.

We have a new, fast, easy & secure way to become a member!  Go to and click on MEMBERSHIP-DONATE!  You can also mail your Membership/Donation Form to CMF, PO Box 6, Crestone, CO 81131, or call 719-256-4533 for more information.  So please remember every little bit helps and know that you are investing in community by investing in Crestone Performances.  Make checks payable to CPI. All donations receive a tax-deductible receipt. Thanks and stay tuned!