A visit to Crestone

Dear Editor:

In July I traveled from Indiana to Colorado.  Crestone was one of my stops.  I had heard about this wonderful community of people, the open air pyre and wanted to see for myself what was going on here.

Crestone and its spiritual communities, the art gallery and Saturday market, were more than I imagined in all ways!  I visited many of them, and sat in contemplation at the Stupa regarding how this community gets along so marvelously well when the rest of the nation and world are at such odds.

I picked up a copy of The Crestone Eagle at the local market and was shocked that it actually contained relevant news!  I delighted in reading every article.  Although I write outdoor adventure articles for one of my local newspapers, I seldom read local/national news which is filled with violence, politics and propaganda.

From an outsider I just have to say that Crestone residents are so fortunate to have one another, and to have such a marvelous monthly newspaper!

I look forward to returning to Crestone and hope that one day I too can be a resident there with you all.

Valerie Gordon

(aka Stormy)


Sugandha for POA

To the Editor,

I am writing to endorse Sugandha Brooks in her bid for re-election to the Baca Grande POA Board of Directors.  I have served with Sugandha on the Board for the past 3 years and here’s what I have to say:

Sugandha is open minded.

She thinks outside the box.

She has boundless curiosity and enthusiasm for the POA

She takes her position seriously but makes it fun.

We are fortunate that she continues to be willing to serve our community in this capacity. I, for one, am very grateful!

Joanna Theriault

Commissioners’ office hours


It was with great excitement as a lover of Indian food, when I found out that the restaurant across from Town Hall would be open soon. Unfortunately for myself this also means the building the Commissioners have been using to meet with you for the last three years will no longer be available. I would like to give thanks from Saguache County to Dick Blumenhein for his generous donation of the building over the years, and Shirley Motz and Crestone reality for the hospitality.

Commissioner availability through office hours has been extremely successful. It is a rare Monday that I sit alone and the range of subjects discussed allows for better understanding for both of us. I have learned a great deal about the people I serve during that time. I will begin trying to locate a new space in town ASAP and will let you know when we are able to resume office hours. Until that time please feel free to contact the Commissioners at BOCC@saguachecounty-co.gov, or if you would like to speak with me directly you can call me at (719-285-5878) or janderson@saguachecounty-co.gov. I am always up for grabbing a cup of coffee if you have the time.


Jason Anderson

Saguache County Commissioner, District 1

My thoughts of the global warming issue

Dear Editor,

The Rothschild family empire is said to have a worth of $400 trillion, giving them a lot of power. They also have a very ambitious political agenda. It basically involves gradually melting the various governments of the world into an eventual one world government.

One of the vehicles that the Rothschild empire is using to accomplish this is the United Nations. Some say that their plan is to eventually have the UN become a “holding company” for their interests, and that all of the countries of the world will have, over a period of several generations, subjugated their sovereignty to the UN.

As part of this plan, the globalists want to get the UN in a posture where it can begin to levy a tax on the individual countries of the world. Any payments made to the UN now are voluntary.

Knowing this plan of the globalists, we must be always alert to any efforts on their part to trick us into giving up our sovereignty or freedoms. I believe that the global warming issue may be such a plan.

The plan that they propose, as I see it, is that:

1. The countries of the world will realize that over-industrialization of the world is causing planet-wide pollution and destruction to our environment.

2. We, the countries of the world, will band together and form an organization to solve this problem.

3. The major industrialized countries of the world will be identified as the major polluters.

4. A “carbon tax” of one sort or another will be placed on the industrialized countries until they correct their pollution problems.

5. This carbon tax will be paid to the UN.

6. “”Viola”! The globalists will have now established the precedent that the UN has the right to tax the individual countries of the world.

7. Over the succeeding generations, other taxes will be imposed until we are all dominated by the UN. Which is, of course, dominated by the globalists (the Rothschilds).

By the way, this is classic “Nietzsche” philosophical teaching. The Rothschild children, privately tutored, are taught this from an early age. Briefly, he taught that in order to accomplish a goal, create a crisis and then propose a solution that accomplishes your goal.

It  is possible that this may just be part of a somewhat nefarious plot to eventually control and tax us.

Michael Miller

Ten ways to make this an even better  place to live that are simple and fun

1.  Shop locally

2.  Invite a neighbor over for tea

3.  When you go for a walk take a trash bag (tip: a garden glove helps)

4.  When you go the PO or bank (or??) smile and say hello to someone you don’t know . . . yet

5.  Think about where you want this place to be in 5, 10, 50 years

6.  Talk to a friend about what you think

7.  Say thanks to the people who help run your governing bodies day to day . . . maintenance people, Town/POA board members, Town and POA staff . . . and don’t forget Water and San

8.  Bring the above cookies or send them a note (or both!)

9.  Take time (even a moment or two) to appreciate the night sky, sunset, rainbow, young sapling or any other manifestation of our wonderous natural beauty.  You’ll feel better thereby making this an even better place . . .

10. Add an item to this list.

Here’s mine:


(submitted by Sugandha)