Shumei International Institute is excited to announce the next Whole Living Symposium for our Crestone community. We are honored to have Kizzen Laki as our next presenter on September 28 from 10 to 11am. This event is free to the public.

As our current editor and owner of The Crestone Eagle, and former mayor of the Town of Crestone, Kizzen Laki has lived in Crestone for 36 years, raising a family and contributing to our community in many ways. But she has grown and saved food in Crestone for 30 years. While she doesn’t consider herself a “homesteader,” as she doesn’t own livestock, she is a gardener. And an avid one at that. And depending on your definition of livestock, she does have two bee hives, which is no small feat these days.

Kizzen shares, “It’s all about connection. Along with my wife Janet Woodman, we freeze, can, dry and cold storage produce from our garden or farmers’ markets.

“I love the connection with the earth, the plants and flowers. I love fresh food and fruit that has been grown on the soil of my own home made of sunshine and rain. It brings me a great deal of satisfaction and connection to where I live.

“I love the miracle of life of taking a small seed that looks like dead matter and seeing it grow into a big beautiful plant that finds its way onto my dinner plate and into my body. It’s fresh and tastes better than store-bought. Most of all it grounds me and makes me happy. I have lived through some rough winters and food security is important to me. We live in a place that can be shut down by a blizzard, passes can be closed, stores can run short. I’ve experienced this, so I love seeing a well-stocked pantry and a nice big woodpile. I also like the art and craft of preserving food. Plus knowing just what went into them. There is a sense of wellbeing I feel when I can provide for ourselves from the bounty of our own land.”

Come join us on Saturday, September 28 at 10am at Shumei International Institute. We will be discussing gardening and food saving in our rugged environment. Also, why we may want to think about preparing ourselves for winter and the joy you can find in slowing down to stock up. To learn more visit or call 719-256-5284.