By Mary Lowers
Nine people have been charged in two related complaints alleging conspiracy to harvest more than 100 kilograms of marijuana in Colorado for distribution to Oklahoma and other states.  Six Saguache County men were taken into federal custody on Thursday, May 1. The men were arrested without incident at the Alamosa airport or in the Crestone/Baca and Moffat area. All six were transported to a federal facility in the Denver area and five were released on personal recognacence bonds.
The six Saguache County men involved include: Curtis Frank Wagner, 49, David Geubelle, 45, Marty Shellabarger (age unknown), Skyler J Freeman, 25, Shawn N Maminakis, 34 and David Lincoln Steele, 48. Five men claim to be Colorado residents. David Geubelle is on record as being an Illinois resident.  At this time Maminakis remains incarcerated due to firearms found in his vehicle.
In Oklahoma City three individuals were arrested in connection with this incident. Terry Hardin Wilkerson, 71, William Jesse Huge, 53 and Crystal Adams, 45. Wilkerson was taken into custody on Tuesday April 29. Hoge and Adams were arrested on Thursday, May 2. Wilkenson has been known by law enforcement as a suspected drug dealer since 2011. In April 2013 an undercover Drug Enforcement Agengy agent met with him and heard of Wilkerson’s plans to distribute pot and cocaine from Colorado through Oklahoma and on to Chicago. A phone tap in March alerted the Drug Enforcement Task Force called Operation Stale Smoke, about the deal going down in the SLV.
(Sources for this story include, The Valley Courier May 3 edition, and the online news Although generally as a professional courtesy law enforcement agencies let local agencies know when they are operating in a jurisdiction, Saguache County Sheriff Mike Norris was not informed about these arrests through official channels.  -ML)