by Lori Nagel

There’s a new skateboarding presence in Crestone that is getting stronger by the day.  The initial half-pipe skate ramp in the Crestone Town Park was donated last summer by Joe Campo and built by local volunteers. More major renovations being done recently.  And while this ramp is a good one, there are plans for a bigger, better one on the horizon.

Judie Rose and Benny Roman are helping to spearhead a project to build a new concrete skate park, which might be built on land of the new Crestone Charter School.  When these grants come through, they should cover the cost, supplemented by in-kind donations of land, labor, and fundraisers.

The school is supportive of this project, and agrees it is an ideal location for our community to gather. The school plans to have after-school activities and summer camp programs that could benefit from having a skate park added. At this point, it is not known how insurance and other processes will be dealt with.

A skateboard park in Crestone would bring an increase of fun physical activity for diverse age groups and an attraction for locals and visitors alike, say supporters. It could increase tourism, as there would be a fun place to bring children, and boarders from neighboring communities might come to join the fun.

In addition to skateboarding, this park will also be open to roller skates, rollerblade, scooters or bikes.  It allows a setting where people can socialize, where alcohol and drug use will not be tolerated.  Skateboarding can be done year-round, as most skateboarders hardly ever think it’s too cold or hot to practice. Contests and demos can be a big community event like many towns have soccer and baseball games. Crestone seems more in line with the individual thinking and camaraderie that skateboarding instills in each of its enthusiasts. Roman strongly believes that, “a skate park, if located and supported properly, will be appreciated, used frequently, and respected as if it were in people’s own backyards.”

Benny Roman has been receiving donations of skateboards and helmets in anticipation of being a lending venue for kids who do not yet have their own equipment.

The Crestone Charter School is now offering a skateboard mentorship program to the LINK students and may discuss further the possibility of opening this opportunity to the Middle School as well. First students learn how to fall and prevent injury and then, on an individual basis, improve their skating at their own comfortable pace.

Futher information and updates on this project can be found oth the Crestone Skateboard Conglomeration group on Facebook.

Correction: our print article mistakenly reported that ScSEED is involved with grant writing for the skate boarding project.