According to Crestone/Baca firefighter Chris Botz, a small lighting caused fire 1.5 miles up Spanish Creek was reported.  A US Forest Service Hand Crew Team has been called and is working to suppress this small fire on the western side of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. As of mid-day today, the fire was around 1/10 of an acre and was located on a north side ridge above Spanish Creek, which is south of the Town of Crestone and above the Baca Grande subdivision.  Despite the fire being in a wilderness area, the forest service decided on extinguishing the fire rather than letting it burn because of the exceptionally dry weather and the threat a growing fire could be to homes in the Baca and Crestone region below this fire.
Currently, farther north up the Sangre de Cristo range, firefighters continue to attack the Hayden Pass fire which has burned approximately 10,000 acres in an area on the eastern side of the Sangre de Cristo mountains near the town of Coaldale.  Evacuations have been ordered near Coaldale and Cotopaxi and traffic on Highway 50 has been restricted.